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As most of you already know, I shoot boudoir photography and have an entire separate website and blog dedicated to it. Boudoir is something I am very passionate about and have been wanting to find a way to keep in touch with my past and potential future boudoir clients to let them know what’s going on. Well, I have finally set up a newsletter system! YAY! I am sooo excited about this and wanted to share the good news with you all. If you’re interested in signing up for the boudoir newsletter to receive future emails about boudoir specials, marathons, etc… then you can do so by going here! Happy Thursday!

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I know Christmas is still 80 days away, but it has already been in my mind a lot lately. I just loooovvee Christmas time. It is definitely one of my favorite parts of every year mostly because of family get togethers and how incredibly cheery and happy everyone is. Just thinking about the fact that it is right around the corner gets me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I cannot wait!!! Another reason I adore Christmas so much is because of all the giving that takes place. One of the greatest feelings in the world is to give. Whether it’s just a smile or an actual gift… you can do no wrong when you give from your heart. In my opinion it’s truly one of the most rewarding experiences in life. I have been given SO much in my life that I am eternally grateful for. One of my favorites gifts has been the one God gave me of having an artistic mind and being able to see the world a little bit differently. I could never possibly thank HIM enough for blessing me with the talent of photography and art. I am SO lucky and blessed to be able to share with others with what God has given me. I don’t claim to be the best out there, as I believe I am FAR from it. But I am so grateful for what I do have and would never take it for granted. Because God has given me so much, I want to use my gift to give to someone else. With all of that being said I have decided to run a contest to give away a free wedding package to a deserving bride & groom. I’m SO excited about this and cannot wait to tell you about it. So let’s no wait any longer and get to it!

Here is the juicy scoop:

What exactly does the winner get?
This contest is open to anyone in the world!

8 hours of wedding day coverage
two photographers
engagement or trash the gown shoot
CD with full resolution images
10×10 30pg coffee table (flushmount) album (60 images)

How to enter:
It’s easy! To enter the contest all you have to do is email me at: and be sure to include the following:

- bride & groom’s name
- wedding date & time of ceremony
- wedding location & venue
- photo of you and your fiance’
- wedding website (if applicable)
- and last but not least, send me a mini version of your love story or how you fell in love and why you feel as though you deserve this- be as detailed and honest as you like!

The rules:

- your wedding must be in 2010
- I must be available on your wedding date
- all of my goods and services are free, but if any travel is required you must pay for all expenses involved for me and my 2nd shooter (travel, hotel, etc)
- because each wedding date is so valuable, the winner must put down a $700 deposit (to guarantee your date) that will be fully refunded on date of wedding once agreement has been fulfilled by both parties.

The contest runs for 4 weeks starting NOW and ends November 2, 2009. The winner will be chosen on November 5, 2009 and announced on the blog. I’m so excited and cannot wait to read all of your stories! I just know it will be a very hard decision as I’m sure they will all be fabulous. Good luck to everyone!

I look forward to hearing from you!! : )

To make this post a little prettier here is a shot that I just love from Aryanne and Chad’s newlywed shoot that I shot earlier this year.


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  • Kimber Smith

    can i get married again just so you can be my photographer?!
    {btw—I think you ARE the best out there!!!}

  • you sooo nice and generous!!! and… crazy!

  • This is such a great contest. Im adding it to my fb fan page and blog to increase your exposure. Go girl. Global domination!

Recently as I was sifting through photos to use for my new website, I came across the one below from my trip to Paris earlier this year – and found a whole new appreciation for it. I always thought it was pretty, but now I think it’s beautiful. As I looked at it I began to realize that it is SUCH a Courtney photo. I love how peaceful and feminine it is, the color pink makes me happy (duh!), and I LOVE old, antique things and the building behind it is the famous Notre Dame church, which is by far one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. And to top it all off, it’s PARIS — umm HELLO! Paris was by far the coolest place I have been to yet. (Okay, maybe 2nd coolest after Machu Picchu.) I am dying to go back there. One week was not long enough. I just can’t explain how amazing it is in words!

As I prepare for a busy month ahead, this photo reminds me to take a deep breathe, relax and soak it all in. : ) Happy Friday!


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  • So pretty! I love the random photo! Mixing things up…

  • Ada

    This has always been one of my favorites from your trip… we have one of those trees in our backyard, but it has been struggling~ if its the same tree, I pray that one day ours will look that good again!

Mindy & Mark met over three years ago through friends and are so obviously a perfect fit for one another. They are both completely laid back and kind-hearted. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a high maintenance bone in either of their bodies! They have been such a pleasure to get to know and work with and I am so excited about their upcoming wedding. Mark’s hometown is Trinidad and I am looking forward to being a part of the experience of watching two families and two cultures come together for their special day. I recently shot Mindy’s bridal portraits (which I can’t wait to post after their wedding!), and learned she is truly a sweet, tender-hearted person… not to mention, GORGEOUS. I absolutely adore her and I’m so honored to get to know her and Mark both. Below are a few of my favorites from their engagement shoot.


Mmmm, passion.


Mark looking studly. He tried to tell me he is not photogenic but I beg to differ.


Mindy originally was wearing some rainboots because I hadn’t planned on her feet showing. I changed my mind and traded my cowboy boots with her – luckily we both wear a size 7 shoe! She totally did my boots justice:


I found this field the other day and HAD to use it for this shoot. I love it when my couples are up for anything!


Love this:


Mindy reminds me so much of Jessica Simpson. Isn’t she beauuuuuutiful?


Such a lovely couple inside and out.


Thanks again Mindy and Mark for being an amazing couple and I am totally pumped about your upcoming wedding!

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  • Kimber Smith

    first: these are awesome!
    second: where tha heck do you FIND these places you take pics???
    third: I ♥ these boots!…where’d you get them?
    fourth: did I mention these are awesome?!

I’ve known Judah since I was 14 years old but it wasn’t until 2 1/2 years ago that we became close friends. We discovered that we had identical taste in music and he quickly became my number one concert buddy to all the shows I loved! After many life stories were exchanged between one another, he began to feel like the older brother I never had and I am forever grateful for his friendship. When Judah told me he met a girl named Arisa (aka Risa), at first I was apprehensive to if I would “approve”. As IF I had any say in the matter, but of course it made me feel better to think so. ; ) He would tell me how sweet, kind and pretty much perfect she was. When I finally got the chance to meet her, I immediately got “it”. She WAS perfect… but more than that, she was perfect for Judah. I have never doubted it since and when Judah and Risa told me they were getting married, I couldn’t have been more thrilled for them both. I am truly honored as their friend, to be a part of this incredible time in their lives. I look forward to their wedding in a couple of months!! I love you both dearly!

Below are a few of my favorites from their engagement shoot:


Is Risa gorgeous or what?? My favorite of the day:


My 2nd favorite:

Thanks again Judah & Ris, I am honored to be your friend.

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  • Beautiful! WOW-Love all your work. My favorite is the second to the last one, where she is leaning into the white fence and they are looking at one another. SUPER ROMANTIC! Love the romance you capture…

  • Kimber Smith

    They are an adorable couple!! these are beautiful {as always} :)

  • Courtney…great engagement shoot. I ran across your name on Jasmine’s blog and find your work to be awesome. I like the rich colors and softness – your style is incredible. Oh ya..not to mention the great couple from this shoot!

  • gorgeous!

  • Leah Mullett

    Not only are these pictures all so gorgeous Courtney but I love all these girls dresses!?!?!!! Do you know where the one in the beginning of this post is from?! I love the blue lace! So cute! Keep up the good work :)

So I decided to write a blog post about a few of my favorite things. I figure it might help you, the reader, to get to know me better. Or it could just bore you to death. Either way, I’ll probably write more posts like this in the future because that’s just how I roll.

First up – I have recently discovered a love for Chick-fil-A. I never knew what all the fuss was about surrounding that place. I mean, it’s just chicken right?! Nothing special about that. Well, until recently I had no idea what I was missing out on. The food is super yummy but my favorite thing about Chick-fil-A is their customer service!! It’s SO hard to find places that have really awesome customer service but this place rocks it to the core! I am always amazed at how friendly and helpful their staff is anytime I walk into that place. It’s amazing!! I loooove that their staff takes pride in their jobs. It humbles me and reminds me how important it is to always work hard and be diligent in everything I do. Major points to Chick-fil-A! Mikey and I eat there at least once a week now and I’ll be quite honest… I secretly hate my fellow photographer friend Bobby Earle a little because he recently won free Chick-fil-A for a year for sleeping there overnight! NO FAIR!!!

Secondly – I am not much of a TV person. I have a hard time sitting still long enough to find something decent to watch. I always feel like I’d rather be spending my time doing something more productive even though I will admit that watching TV is definitely relaxing! However there is this one show that I just luuuurrve. If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll already know that it’s Grey’s Anatomy. I have been watching that show since it’s very first episode and have been hooked ever since. I just love it and I’m super pumped about the season premiere this Thursday! Holllla! Is John Doe really George?? Or is it not?? OMG the suspense is killing me!!!

And last but definitely not least — I have always been super intrigued by Kat Von D. She is a tattoo artist in L.A. and the star of L.A. Ink. I admire her as an artist but mostly as a dreamer and business woman. She is super ambitious, talented and truly follows her dreams. People like that inspire me. She recently came out with her own line of makeup and fragrances that I have fallen in love with!! I have never been much of a makeup girl, but that was mostly because I have always struggled with knowing how to apply makeup and make it look good! I have tried so many different brands of makeups (eyeshadows specifically) and have always had the hardest time with all of them. Until Kat’s makeup that is. I bought her eyeshadows and brushes and they have completely rocked my world! I honestly couldn’t say enough good stuff about it. It is so easy to apply, and the eyeshadows blend so easily. They don’t get caked up or splotchy and here is the best part — it lasts almost all day long! I kid you not, I’ll apply a few blended colors in the morning and by 5pm it still looks awesome! I was shocked by that! This is all coming from a girl who seriously is not gifted with the makeup! I’m so excited about all the fun looks I will be able to create with her eyeshadows. YAY! Her stuff is awesome and you can find all of Kat Von D’s products at Sephora!

And that’s just a few of my favorite things for now! Happy Tuesday!


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  • Kimber Smith

    which palette is that? I lurve it!!!!
    you even photograph makeup great—sickening! :)

  • I love Kat Von D as well! And Booby Earle is supremely nice, but not so jealous of the Chick Fillet thing ;)

  • Lindsay’s equally into Kat! She was pissed when she got kicked off Miami Ink :)