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I had the hardest time choosing a winner for the wedding giveaway. I am blown away by how many of you took the time to not only enter, but share such intimate and beautiful details about your love story. I feel like I got to know you all on such a deep level and I wish from the bottom of my heart I could give the prize to each and every one of you. If only life were that easy I would do it! I think you’re all so amazing and I am honored that you even read my lil ‘ol blog. Your confidence in me as a photographer means the world! Thank you all so very much for taking the time to share your heart with me. I am honored you would want me to be a part of your big day and I wish nothing but the best of luck to you all. : )

With that being said, I am THRILLED to announce the winners, Amber and Luke! I loved everything about their story (which I will be blogging after the wedding) and I am so excited and honored to be a part of their upcoming wedding! YAY for love!!!


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  • Amber and Luke

    We are so excited and honored you chose us!! Thank you :)

There’s not much I can say about these photos except that Nina totally ROCKED IT!!! I loved everything about this shoot. The location, the light, the hair, the PINK flowers, the dress, her smile, everything! We shot these at Houmas House Plantation and below are a few of my favorites.

Thanks Nina for being awesome! I can’t wait to shoot your wedding this Spring!

houmashouse001 houmashouse002 houmashouse003

My favorite of the day:

houmashouse004 houmashouse005

Seriously, isn’t she GORGEOUS!?!

houmashouse006 houmashouse007 houmashouse008 houmashouse009




Last shot of the day and I love it. She seriously looks fabulous in every single shot and choosing favorites for the blog was extremely difficult!


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  • Kimber Smith

    they are great!!!!!! all of them…I lurve them–she makes a beautiful bride :)

  • WOW Courtney!! These are so beautiful. I love everything about them too. The location is amazing! Fabulous job girl!

  • Dude, where you live is out of control freaking amazing! Your locations are out of this world! Along with ALL of your photography. I am a major fan of everything you do!

  • These are strikingly beautiful. Well done.

  • Jennifer

    This makes me want to do a bridal shoot!! These are great Courtney!

  • [...] and you can’t help but absolutely adore her in every way. After spending time with her while shooting her bridal pictures, I just knew her wedding would be overflowing with bliss and happiness. That statement could not [...]

Last night as I was watching my favorite TV show, Grey’s Anatomy… something was said in the script that truly captivated me. Thank goodness I was DVRing it because I rewound it over 10 times just to listen to this particular part over and over again. Never has anything been said on that show that inspired me so much. It’s a great show full of edgy drama that keeps you wanting more and more, yes. But this time it was different. One of their patients (who happens to also be on their staff at the hospital), was just about to be put under for surgery on an inoperable tumor in his spine when he looks up at his doubtful and worried surgeon (Dr. Shepherd) and tells him something that shook my inner core. It reminded me that sometimes we are going to face difficulties in our lives that may seem at times impossible to get through. Hardships that are so painful we don’t think we’ll even survive until tomorrow. There’s just no way we’ll make it to the other side. But the character Isaac in the show spoke the most beautiful words that are so incredibly true. He said: beinspiredInspiration can come from facing something hard in your life. Every time a storm comes your way, you have a decision to make. You can take the easy way out and surrender yourself to it, risking the chance of losing a part of yourself. Or you can take it head on and say, “you know what? This won’t be easy, but I am determined that no matter what happens, I will fight til the very end and not give up. I will BE INSPIRED by this obstacle and use it for good in my life.” I want to always be that person. I know that life will not always be perfect, but I want to remember that no matter what comes my way, I CAN be inspired by it. Life is what you make it – I believe that with all of my being. I want to be inspired by the good AND the bad.

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  • Kimber Smith

    Well said!!! I choose to be inspired!! :)

  • Jennifer Le

    That’s awesome. And true. It’s interesting that we always hear or read these things exactly when we need to sometimes. I don’t think that’s coincidental.
    Thanks for posting this.

  • elizabeth Tujague

    It was such a great episode… i cried alot lol

  • Awesome! I love that you’re inspired by Grey’s! I have learned life’s lessons from Grey’s, and from Scrubs for that matter, many times! ;) Thanks for the lesson.

  • These are stunning, Courtney! Great work!

…I know I have been completely awful to you, but I promise to make it up soon.


For real yo – between weddings, photo shoots, editing, emails, running a boudoir company, redoing the website, meetings, and the list goes on…. this blog has been getting SERIOUSLY neglected and I hate every bit of it! I heart my blog and it really bums me out that so many other things have become a priority at the moment. But I WILL get back to a routine of regularly blogging once I get through the next several weeks of getting some of these things checked off the list! I will, I will, I will!

For now here are a couple of sneak peaks from a bridal shoot I did today of one of my clients. Her wedding is next year and I cannot wait! More soon.

This has to be one of my all time favorite bridal shots ever. She just looks radiantly happy and I am in LOVE with it!

houmashouse01 houmashouse02

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  • Sarah Backstrom

    This is absolutely breathtaking, Courtney!

  • Kimber Smith

    Beautiful….lovely…{as always}

When Joey first laid eyes on Brittany over 7 years ago, her hair was in a ponytail, she had her glasses on and was wearing PJs. They were hanging out with mutual friends at a Baskin Robins ice cream shop, and even though not many words were exchanged that day, Joey knew there was something unique and special about Brittany. It wasn’t long after that meeting that their love story began and they realized more with each passing day how undeniably perfect they were for one another. Brittany contacted me over 2 years ago before she even had a wedding date and told me how one day she would be getting in touch with me to shoot her wedding. I was completely flattered when she came through on that promise. Not only is she an utterly fabulous person, but her devotion and love for Joey is something to be truly admired. On the day of the wedding, all she could think or talk about was Joey. She wasn’t worried about all of the details of the wedding or what might could go wrong. She just kept saying, “I just want to see Joey”. She reminded me in those moments that the wedding is truly about that, two people… coming together, and committing to love each other forever and ever. That nothing else matters, and to just relax, have fun and enjoy the moments of the best day of your life.

The wedding was held at the Old State Capitol in Louisiana and it was a completely beautiful day.

oldstatecapitol0001 oldstatecapitol0002 oldstatecapitol0003 oldstatecapitol0004 oldstatecapitol0005 oldstatecapitol0006

The following photo was taken from Brittany’s bridal shoot. I just love it and decided to throw it in here since I wasn’t able to post her bridals until after the wedding. Such a gorgeous bride!


Back to the wedding day, even though it felt amazing outside, it was an extremely windy day but I just love how the dress looks here.


And here, how fun is this shot? Work it! Because her wedding was an evening event, and we wouldn’t have much light once the ceremony was over, Brittany made sure to schedule the events of the day to be sure to give us enough time to take several of the group shots before the wedding. Not only is this a great idea because you can have fun and relax beforehand, but the more natural light we can use for your photos, the better. It makes a huge difference.

oldstatecapitol0008 oldstatecapitol0009 oldstatecapitol0010

All of the children in the wedding party were so stinkin’ cute.

oldstatecapitol0011 oldstatecapitol0012

The stained glass window inside of the Capitol was amazing.


This just makes me plain happy – such an adorable ringbearer!


Joey looking quite spiffy.

oldstatecapitol0014 oldstatecapitol0016

Michael captured this photo as Brittany made her way down the aisle with her father and stepfather.


And I captured it from this angle. Brittany didn’t take her eyes off of Joey the entire time.


Michael got this from the balcony.

oldstatecapitol0020 oldstatecapitol0019



oldstatecapitol0021 oldstatecapitol0022 oldstatecapitol0023 oldstatecapitol0024 oldstatecapitol0025I know they have been planning for this day for a very long time and I couldn’t be more happy for the both of them!

oldstatecapitol0026 oldstatecapitol0027 oldstatecapitol0028

I just love this shot of the bridal party!



The view from the rooftop of the Shaw Center where the reception was held. A beautiful ending of a beautiful day. Congratulations Brittany and Joey! I wish you all the happiness in the world!


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  • Kimber Smith

    beautiful as always!! :)

  • Sarah Backstrom

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!! The photo of the ring bearer is too stinkin cute!!!

  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, you are a truly visual artist!

  • Ok – for some reason the groom reminds me of Eric Dane from Grey’s Anatomy – McSteamy! I think its the facial hair :)

Awesome couple, awesome weather and awesome location. I can’t say enough good stuff about the following couple. When Jennifer first contacted me several months ago about shooting her wedding next summer, she was very open with me and shared her heart on who she and James were, and what their wedding day would be like. I was in luuurve! Her kind heart and James loving spirit were obviously a perfect match and I was HONORED she wanted me to be a part of their memories. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect that day. *PAUSE*

Dear God, If you could pretty please make weather like that for every one of my photo shoots, that would just be plain RAD. Love, Courtney

Okay, I’m back. : ) The following are a few of my favorites from their engagement shoot which was shot at Dunleith Plantation in Natchez, MS – which is one of my FAVORITE venues ever for a wedding. Seriously, it’s perfectly set up for a wedding in every way if you’re going for that warm, Southern feel. I LOVE IT. I am so excited about shooting Jennifer and James’ wedding there next year!

dunleith001 dunleith002

I just love Jennifer’s smile. Beautiful.

dunleithplantation003 dunleithplantation004 dunleithplantation005

They really make such a fabulous couple.

dunleithplantation006 dunleithplantation007 dunleithplantation008 dunleithplantation009 dunleithplantation010 dunleithplantation011

Getting a little playful for the next couple.

dunleithplantation012 dunleithplantation013 dunleithplantation014 dunleithplantation015I cannot for the life of me pick a “top favorite”… I seriously just love them all! Thanks Jennifer and James! You guys ROCK!!!!

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  • Kimber Smith


    these are great…I love the playful ones :)
    Natchez is a beautiful city

  • James

    We had a great time taking these pictures with you Courtney. You made my Momma cry! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. I am so glad you will be capturing our wedding memories. God has blessed us every step of the way!

  • These are gorgeous, Courtney! I picked a favourite, then changed my mind and picked another… and another, and another!

When I met with Alex over a year ago to talk about her wedding, we just clicked instantly! We both felt like the perfect fit for another and I have been looking forward to her wedding ever since. We faced a few conflicts when trying to get her date booked, but through it all, Alex showed patience, determination and is a true angel in my book! Not only was she amazing through our obstacles, but she planned her entire Louisiana wedding to be held at White Oak Plantation while living in Charlotte, NC for vet school. The woman just rocks, plain and simple.

I didn’t get the chance to meet Jason until the wedding but instantly I could see why Alex loved him. His sense of humor, laid back attitude and genuine spirit was nothing short of awesome! They met each other 8 years ago in dairy science class at college. They became friends quickly and about 2 years later it was obvious they were a perfect match and have been together ever since. My favorite thing about them is how passionate they are about having FUN. Neither one of them ever stopped smiling or laughing the entire event and I can’t help but be completely and totally inspired by that.

Alex and Jason, thank you so much for inviting me to your wedding and giving me the huge honor of capturing it. Good luck with everything and NEVER STOP HAVING FUN! I look forward to seeing you both in March for your Newlywed shoot!


Alex’s beautiful dress from Bustle.

weddingphotographer0002 weddingphotographer0003 weddingphotographer0004

I love this shot of Alex. Simply gorgeous.

weddingphotographer0005 weddingphotographer0006 weddingphotographer0007

Jason looking quite handsome.

weddingphotographer0008 weddingphotographer0009

The ceremony was lovely but about 5 minutes into it, it started sprinkling. You can see it slowly begin here…

weddingphotographer0010 weddingphotographer0011

The rain started to get heavier but I absolutely LOVE how it turned out in this shot! How cool is that?

weddingphotographer0012 weddingphotographer0013 weddingphotographer0014

Look at those beautiful smiles – this is truly how they were the entire evening! I love LOVE!

weddingphotographer0015 weddingphotographer0016

So it turned out the best man was quite the entertainer/performer. Towards the middle of the reception he let completely loose on the dance floor and showed us what he had. I couldn’t resist posting a couple. Here he is doing his “Elvis” impersonation.



The bride and groom had SO much fun together the whole night. I love it when couples interact with each other most of the reception.

weddingphotographer0019 weddingphotographer0020

The best man busted out a washboard… yes a WASHBOARD… with toothbrushes to play along with some of the Cajun songs the DJ played that night. That was definitely a first and super cool! Alex and Jason decided to give it a try!

weddingphotographer0021 weddingphotographer0022

This is truly only a glimpse of the entire night. They were hilarious to watch!




The end to a fabulous night!


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  • AMAZING!!! These are so beautiful Courtney! I am so in love with the one on the lit up pathway. Did you use a flash at all on that one? Beautiful photos!

  • Peggi Barratt

    I love the first kiss picture where his hands are ALL over her!!!

  • courtney

    Hey Andrea! Thank you SO much! No, I didn’t use a flash at all on that particular shot. I just bumped my ISO way up and used the light I had from the walkway lights!

  • Sarah

    These are all stunning! I love the one in the rain… that is too cool! Spectacular job!

  • elizabeth Tujague

    OMG!! i soooo know the best man!!! Todd Ray is the best dancer ever!!

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