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my favorite things

So I decided to write a blog post about a few of my favorite things. I figure it might help you, the reader, to get to know me better. Or it could just bore you to death. Either way, I’ll probably write more posts like this in the future because that’s just how I roll.

First up – I have recently discovered a love for Chick-fil-A. I never knew what all the fuss was about surrounding that place. I mean, it’s just chicken right?! Nothing special about that. Well, until recently I had no idea what I was missing out on. The food is super yummy but my favorite thing about Chick-fil-A is their customer service!! It’s SO hard to find places that have really awesome customer service but this place rocks it to the core! I am always amazed at how friendly and helpful their staff is anytime I walk into that place. It’s amazing!! I loooove that their staff takes pride in their jobs. It humbles me and reminds me how important it is to always work hard and be diligent in everything I do. Major points to Chick-fil-A! Mikey and I eat there at least once a week now and I’ll be quite honest… I secretly hate my fellow photographer friend Bobby Earle a little because he recently won free Chick-fil-A for a year for sleeping there overnight! NO FAIR!!!

Secondly – I am not much of a TV person. I have a hard time sitting still long enough to find something decent to watch. I always feel like I’d rather be spending my time doing something more productive even though I will admit that watching TV is definitely relaxing! However there is this one show that I just luuuurrve. If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll already know that it’s Grey’s Anatomy. I have been watching that show since it’s very first episode and have been hooked ever since. I just love it and I’m super pumped about the season premiere this Thursday! Holllla! Is John Doe really George?? Or is it not?? OMG the suspense is killing me!!!

And last but definitely not least — I have always been super intrigued by Kat Von D. She is a tattoo artist in L.A. and the star of L.A. Ink. I admire her as an artist but mostly as a dreamer and business woman. She is super ambitious, talented and truly follows her dreams. People like that inspire me. She recently came out with her own line of makeup and fragrances that I have fallen in love with!! I have never been much of a makeup girl, but that was mostly because I have always struggled with knowing how to apply makeup and make it look good! I have tried so many different brands of makeups (eyeshadows specifically) and have always had the hardest time with all of them. Until Kat’s makeup that is. I bought her eyeshadows and brushes and they have completely rocked my world! I honestly couldn’t say enough good stuff about it. It is so easy to apply, and the eyeshadows blend so easily. They don’t get caked up or splotchy and here is the best part — it lasts almost all day long! I kid you not, I’ll apply a few blended colors in the morning and by 5pm it still looks awesome! I was shocked by that! This is all coming from a girl who seriously is not gifted with the makeup! I’m so excited about all the fun looks I will be able to create with her eyeshadows. YAY! Her stuff is awesome and you can find all of Kat Von D’s products at Sephora!

And that’s just a few of my favorite things for now! Happy Tuesday!


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  • Kimber Smith

    which palette is that? I lurve it!!!!
    you even photograph makeup great—sickening! :)

  • I love Kat Von D as well! And Booby Earle is supremely nice, but not so jealous of the Chick Fillet thing ;)

  • Lindsay’s equally into Kat! She was pissed when she got kicked off Miami Ink :)


Brittany & Adam } Engagement

I adoooore Brittany and Adam! They met 10 years ago as freshmen in high school and have had a hard time being apart since. They became best friends at first which slowly turned into a beautiful relationship where it was obvious they were meant to be together forever. One of my favorite things about these two love birds is the way Adam speaks of Brittany. He told me that he doesn’t know one person who hasn’t fallen in love with Brittany as soon as they met her… I can see what he means because I adore Brittany! She has one of the most endearing and kind personalities of anyone I have ever met. He also told me that he loves her smile so much that until the day he dies, he will do whatever he can to make her smile because it is the most amazing thing on this earth – quite the romantic eh? I LOVE love!

Brittany and Adam, thank you SO much for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful time in your life! I am HONORED and thrilled to be the one who gets to document your love in photographs and I am so excited about your upcoming wedding!!

Below are a few of my favorites from their engagement shoot:


Love this tree! And the light! Ooo and cowboy boots! Okay, I just love everything about this shot… especially the beautiful couple. That’s the best part!


I definitely agree with Adam, her smile is BEAUTIFUL.



My favorite of the day: HOTT. You know I love me some passion!


I heart you both!!!

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Mike in Chicago } Anytime

You know how sometimes you cross paths with someone who leaves an impression on your heart and your life is never the same again? You find a person who you know will be a true friend for life. Friends that will always have your back, and never betray you are so hard to find in this world but I am proud to say Mike is one of those friends for me. He has been an inspiration in my life in more ways than one and I could never repay him for the things he has taught me and the many ways he has been there for me. Mike is one of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever met and I am so lucky to call him a true friend for life. On my recent trip to Chicago I did a photo shoot of Mike to document this time in his life and below are a few of my favorites.

Mike, thank you for being YOU. And thank you for being my friend. You are beautiful in every sense of the word and I will never stop being inspired by you.


He totally rocked his shoot… I mean really.


This one is hilarious because I never noticed the huge NO TRESPASSING sign right behind him while shooting this!! HAHA! We’re SUCH rebels. OOPS.


It was an absolutely perfect day in Chicago. I didn’t want to quit shooting because seriously… look at this light:


I love them all but this is my absolute favorite of the day.


Me with Mike and Mikey hanging out at the Signature Room in Chicago. It was so gorgeous up there!


Thanks again Mike for everything – never stop being yourself. Happy Monday everyone!

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  • Love these!! what a rockstar!! I haveto say though, I like the one of him smiling the best, he has a great smile!

  • Kimber Smith

    Seriously…could he BE anymore adorable?!
    Awesome shots…

  • These are amazing!!! Very sexy! Love them all. That first one is my favorite. You are awesome Courtney, and what a great story!

  • Ada

    WOW! Too HOTT!!!!

  • chasity

    MIKE is HOT :)

Angel + Brian :: Engagement

As soon as I spoke on the phone for the first time with Angel, I knew we clicked. She told me about her and Brian and all the exciting plans for her wedding and what she had in mind for her engagement photos – I was in looovve! I have been bursting with excitement until the day finally arrived to shoot her and Brian’s engagement photos. What really got me pumped about this shoot was how personal the location was. Brian’s grandfather owns an old camp house in Ville Platte, Louisiana – where Brian grew up. As Angel described it to me on the phone, I just knew it was going to be the most perfect spot for their photos. I of course had no idea what the location would be like until I arrived… but I had total faith that no matter what it looked like, I knew it would be the best place because they chose it together. And I do believe I was right. See for yourself:


Angel you are beautiful!


Two elements I love in a photo (besides the obvious gorgeous couple): cowboy boots and old run down buildings



You saw this in the sneak peak, but it’s too good not to post again. Hands down, my favorite of the day. This shot totally represents me as an artist. Angel and Brian completely rocked it.





The day was absolutely perfect. Just look at that light!


Angel and Brian really do make a perfect couple. They were completely at ease with one another and pretty much just forgot about me shooting them – which I adore!! I love this shot.


And this one…


Brian’s job requires him to work on this tractor as well as others – this might just be the biggest prop I’ve ever had at an engagement session! How rad is this:


Final shot of the day: the sun was just setting behind the trees as we finished up and I had to snap a quick one of the beautiful light with tons of ducks flying around. Siiigh, I love days like this.


Angel & Brian, I had the most amazing time taking your engagement photos. Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your beautiful story and I look forward to shooting your wedding in March!!

To see more of their photos click HERE for a slideshow!!

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  • Angel Longron

    THANK YOU! We really feel that we made the best possible choice all around… with YOU the location, everything!! You made our pics the best they could possibly be! I am in LOVE… times ten! The photos are stunning! Thanks for making the drive out to good ol’ Ville Platte! Looking forward to the wedding, so excited to work with you again!!

  • Amazing!!!!!!!

  • she is freakin’ beautiful!!
    these {as always} are amazing girl!! you rock :)

  • Magan

    I absolutely adore these pictures! They look like they have been torn out of a magazine. The photographer did an amazing job and I know you made her job difficult being as gorgeous as your are, the landscape couldn’t have been more perfect for you two. I love you Angel and I looked forward to being the BEST Maid of Honor ever!

  • The pictures are beautiful and the couple is too!!!!
    Amazing work!

  • WOW! Probably my fave of yours yet! BEautiful work, I adore the sun flare ones, so stunning!

  • These are BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the lighting… and their expressions! SO GOOD!!

  • [...] if he would measure up to deserve such a lovely person. But after getting to know him at their engagement shoot, it wasn’t hard to see why Angel loved him so much and how absolutely perfect he was for her [...]