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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Bailey & Rylee

So I don’t label myself a “children’s photographer” by any means, but every now and then I can’t resist when it comes to taking my past clients/friend’s kid’s portraits. Kimberly needed some updated ones of her two insanely GORGEOUS girls and I owed her a favor anyways so it worked out perfect! Kimberly was one […]

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Melinda & Vern

Earlier this month I had the tremendous honor of attending a workshop by one of my favorite photographers ever: Jasmine Star in Orange County, California. She is truly a blessing in not only my life, but in countless others I’m sure. I’ve always been incredibly inspired by her photography, but more so by her as […]

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FAQ} Vol. 1

Well it’s only taken me long enough, but I have finally gotten a chance to start doing FAQ posts for my all my photographer friends out there. I get emails all the time from different photographers all over the world with questions and even though I try my best to answer all of them, my […]

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Ashleigh & Josh

For those of you who have only been reading my blog for a short time – let me introduce my sister Ashleigh. Well, technically she is Michael’s little sister – but over the past several years her and I have grown very close and there is no doubt she has become a real sister. You […]

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Augusto & Houri: Washington, D.C.

A couple of weekends ago while I was in Virginia shooting Christina & Jeff’s wedding, I had the opportunity to hang out with Augusto and Houri, some friends of mine who live in the area. They took me to Washington so I could finally see The White House, and while we were there we decided […]

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Facebook and Twitter have been two of fastest growing networking tools on the world wide web today. I’m totally blown away by the genius of the creators of these amazing networks. The thought sometimes crosses my mind, “man I wish I had been the one to think that up!” I mean really, how cool are […]

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