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Ashleigh & Josh

For those of you who have only been reading my blog for a short time – let me introduce my sister Ashleigh. Well, technically she is Michael’s little sister – but over the past several years her and I have grown very close and there is no doubt she has become a real sister. You can see a few pictures I shot of her last year for Josh for Christmas here. This young lady is one of the most talented, creative and gifted people I know. She plays like every instrument (my personal favorite is the harp!), sings beautifully, cooks like a top chef and can make anything with some paper, glue, and scissors. There is no doubt she is Michael’s sister because he is also OOBER talented so obviously the “unlimited talents” gene runs in the family. Not only is she talented, but she is super kind and sweet. I love her to death and I’m so glad she considers me her older sis.

She recently moved back home from college and asked me to shoot a few pictures of her and her boyfriend Josh. Of course I obliged and we got some really cute stuff. Below are a few of my favorites:

engagementphotos0001 engagementphotos0002 engagementphotos0004


engagementphotos0005 engagementphotos0006

I just love this shot – super cute!!!

engagementphotos0007 engagementphotos0008 engagementphotos0009 engagementphotos0010

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