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The Artist


* Jesus is my number ONE love! I truly wouldn’t be the woman I am without him! Nor would I have the gift of creating art if he hadn’t blessed me with this talent. I owe my everything to HIM!

* My personal life motto is “LIVE THE DREAM”. I don’t want my dreams to only be dreams… I want to make them a reality and I strive everyday to do so.

* I am the owner and creator of The Boudoir Vixen™, a company dedicated to helping women feel beautiful and sexy. The Boudoir Vixen™ is my heart, my love and my calling.

* Underneath photography, music is my next passion. I loooooooooove music! What would the world be without it? I cannot imagine! There is so much emotion wrapped up in the notes and lyrics of a song. It truly is another art form that I could not live without. So much of my inspiration in photography thrives off of music.

* I LOOOOOVE to travel and cannot get enough of it. The list of places I want to visit is huge — Egypt being one of them. I’m not sure why, just have always been intrigued by it for some reason. :  )

* Most of my teenage years were spent living in Peru, South America as a missionary kid. Spanish is my 2nd language. Peru will always have a place in my heart. I learned so much there and it was truly the experience of a lifetime where I made the greatest friends… real kindred spirits. :  )

* I am an animal lover! I adore my black lab, Mischa and my Scottish fold kitty, Sushi!

* I tend to always see the good in people and I believe everyone can be amazing.