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Wedding Gown Inspiration

If you know me at all, you know I am total girly girl. I love all things sparkly, ruffly, lace-y, vintage-y & tulle-y. I love looking at wedding gowns. There are so many TO DIE for dresses out there… I mean to die for!!!! The kind that make you go “ooooo, aaaaaahh”. The kind that […]

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favorite wedding shots from the last 2 yrs

I’ve been shooting weddings for a while now but I feel like in the last two years, I have really and truly grown as a photographer and fallen even more in love with it. I am SO SO blessed that in the past 2 years I have shot exactly FIFTY weddings! That just blows my […]

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In Jamaica

I am currently in Jamaica!!! Deirdre and I are here shooting a wedding for one of my fabulous clients. I will be returning all emails and phone calls April 22nd. Thanks so much for understanding!!

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Dear Photographers:

Dear Photographers: This blog post is LONG overdue. Better late than never though. Let me start by saying, in the most humblest of ways, that I am truly blown away and amazed by the comments, emails, tweets, messages I receive on a daily basis from photographers all over the world. When I decided to go […]

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2011 Wedding Giveaway Winner

I absolutely love doing giveaways, but it’s always SOOOOO hard to choose a winner. I honestly wish I were a bajillionaire so I could shoot more weddings for free. There are so many wonderful people in the world who deserve that and so much more. I received numerous entries and stories that were so very […]

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December 21, 2010 1:45am … I got to witness something incredible. Something mind blowing. Something that left me awestruck at God’s amazing creation. He always has a way of reminding me of his enormous magnificence, but the mystery of the universe does it every time. My mind cannot fathom the depth of his love and […]

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Want to pick my brain for 60 minutes?

The F Stop Breast Cancer auction I told you about in this post that is being donated 100% to The Breast Cancer Research is now LIVE!!! You can visit the ebay auction that is happening now until Tuesday, October 19th by clicking here. All of the details are listed on the auction page. I am […]

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