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2011 Wedding Giveaway Winner

I absolutely love doing giveaways, but it’s always SOOOOO hard to choose a winner. I honestly wish I were a bajillionaire so I could shoot more weddings for free. There are so many wonderful people in the world who deserve that and so much more. I received numerous entries and stories that were so very very touching. A lot of them were automatically unable to be a part of the decision because I was already booked on their date (example: May 27th is apparently a VERY popular day to get married!). I am so flattered that you all took the time to enter and send in your amazing stories. You are all so incredible to me and I only wish you each the best of luck in your journeys through life.

With that being said, the winner of the contest is Courtney and Chris!!! Their wedding is later this year and I am so excited about being a part of their big day!!

Thanks again to all who participated!!!

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