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Arisa & Judah :: Wedding

Judah is one of my closest friends so when he asked me to shoot the wedding I knew I had to either accept or be forced into being a groomsman! I figured I’d look a lot cuter as a photographer so I stuck with what I know. ; ) I have been a ball of excitement waiting for the big day to arrive. I couldn’t be more excited for Judah and Arisa finding each other and deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. They are perfect for each other in every way and I think Judah seriously lucked out when he found Risa. She has such a beautiful heart and I know will make Judah happy forever.

When they started planning everything they both came to me and asked me to help them plan the timing of the ceremony so that they could be sure to have the best photos. I of course was THRILLED by that. I can’t stress it enough how utterly important it is to plan everything around LIGHT. My photography THRIVES off of natural lighting – it’s when I shine my brightest. Colors are more vibrant, skin tones are prettier, EVERYTHING IS JUST SO MUCH BETTER. I could go on and on all day about how important lighting is. It’s so so so very important to have natural light before, during and right after the wedding. If you can plan it to where you enter your reception when it’s almost dusk – then you can’t go wrong!

I picked a “few” of my favorites to blog below. Get ready for a long one because it was just too hard to narrow them down. See for yourself what I am referring to when I talk about natural lighting. It really makes all the difference in the world.

Their wedding took place at Glynnwood Plantation in Glynn, Louisiana. The plantation is privately owned by Arisa’s family so it was super special and I completely adored that in every way. The day was perfect…

wedding002 wedding001

The rings on top of one of their engagement photos — see the rest here!


Totally loved the bouquet.

wedding004 wedding005

The lovely bride getting dolled up by sister-in-law and hair/makeup stylist, Crystal Loup (225) 292-7616?. — she is amazing!


Judah preparing for the biggest day of his life.


You may have already seen my post on the boudoir blog about the following moment. Arisa decided to do a boudoir shoot for Judah’s wedding gift! He was completely surprised and I think the following photos will give you an idea of just how much he loved it. Ladies — a boudoir shoot is the perfect gift for your husband to be! His face on the last shot is completely priceless.


Now for some formal photos – looking quite handsome.

wedding009 wedding010

Judah with his two sons, Nathan & Micah– so cute!

wedding011 wedding012

The insanely beautiful bride–

wedding013 wedding014



Arisa’s mom Annie owns her own bakery (Annie’s Pantry) and is a complete genius with the sweets!! She not only made both their cakes but check out the deliciousness she provided below:


…and look at this groom’s cake! Is that amazing or what?? One of the coolest groom’s cakes I have seen yet.

wedding018 wedding019


Judah’s kids looking quite spiffy and “cool” in every way possible as they made their way down the aisle.


They were so cute I couldn’t help but post two!


So here is something that was about the coolest thing ever. Right as Arisa was about to make her way down the aisle, someone in the crowd pointed up and as soon as I looked up into the sky to see what they were pointing at, I saw a rainbow!!! It was so beautiful and completely random! Only a small portion of it showed and it was directly above us. I couldn’t believe how perfect that was. God wanted us to all know that he was there as well. I was awestruck.



wedding025 wedding026

I love the excitement on his face!! In that moment he is thinking how completely blessed he is to have found his soulmate.

wedding027 wedding028 wedding029

Let me take this moment again to point out how perfect the lighting is!

wedding030 wedding031 wedding032 wedding033 wedding034

wedding035 wedding036

The next three are so cute – just as soon as they made their way back down the aisle and away from everyone he quickly pulled her close for another kiss. Aw!

wedding037 wedding038 wedding039

The next three are some of my favorite shots from the day. For about a minute they were completely wrapped in their own world. It was like no one else existed and I was loving every minute of this precious interaction between the new Mr and Mrs.

wedding040 wedding041 wedding042 wedding043

Lighting anyone?? PERFECT!!!

wedding044 wedding045 wedding046 wedding047

I couldn’t be more happy for these two!! I am so excited for them!

wedding048 wedding049 wedding050

I love you Judah and Ris, I really really do. I’m so honored to be your friend.

wedding051 wedding052 wedding053 wedding054 wedding055 wedding057The End. : ) XOXO

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