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Annah & Travis } Engagement

I heart Mondays.. I really really do. I know, I am totally weird like that. But I thrive on being productive and Monday is always a brand new start to the week to get more accomplished! Yay! I don’t care how completely nerdy that sounds because it’s just true. I love my job so much that I actually look forward to waking up everyday to do it again. I love it because I get to express myself through art and I absolutely adore every single one of my clients. I thank God everyday for each and every one of them. I am so honored by their trust in me to do what I do best. I do not know how I got so lucky nor what I did to deserve being so blessed by such amazing clients. But I love you all from the bottom of my heart and appreciate you more than words could ever express.

Speaking of amazing clients, below are two more of them. Annah and Travis have been pretty much the bomb from the beginning. It is so important to me that my clients and I are the perfect “fit” for one another – that we connect and see life in very similar ways. This really helps ensure that not only will they be happy with me as their photographer, but vice versa. We’ll not only get good photos, but get along and have a great time together. I feel like everyone of my clients become friends because we “fit”. As soon as Annah contacted me I knew we were going to get along nicely! I could tell instantly that she not only truly loved my work but she was a positive person and completely trusted me as her photographer – which makes my job a LOT easier! As I’ve gotten to know her and Travis a little here and there through emails and phone calls, I couldn’t wait to shoot their engagement shoot because I knew we were going to have so much fun! Fun was indeed had and I couldn’t be more proud of their pictures. I am totally looking forward to shooting their wedding next year! Below are a few of my favorites.



Annah has such a beautiful face whether she is smiling or serious. I love how you can see a window to her heart just by looking into her eyes.

engagementphoto053 engagementphoto054

I was completely digging their outfits for the following pictures. Very coordinated but not at all matchy-matchy. Just right. The perfect example of what to wear for an engagement shoot.


How cute are they? Seriously.


Michael got the following picture. Mmm, I’ve trained him well. Look at that lighting.

engagementphoto057 engagementphoto058

Love all the colors in this one.


Definitely one of my favorites of the day.


Ahhh, the light was AAAHmazing.


Hands down, favorite shot of the day. I love it!

engagementphoto062 engagementphoto063 engagementphoto064

Thanks again Annah and Travis – you guys ROCK!!

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