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Emily + Jeff: Wedding

I think everyone already knows how I feel about Emily and Jeff. As I’ve spoken about them previously in their engagement and bridal shoot. I just adore them both!! It was truly so much fun photographing their special memories and I LOVE the photos from their day.  It has been a true pleasure working with them and I am going to let the photos tell their story. Enjoy.

Emily + Jeff: I have three words for y’all: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!  Thank you for believing in me. xo

Hair/Makeup on entire bridal party, moms and bride: Brandi Zito

covingtonwedding001 covingtonwedding002 covingtonwedding003 covingtonwedding004 covingtonwedding005 covingtonwedding006

Emily and her father did a little “mini” First Look before she went to see Jeff. I love it!! Such a sweet moment.

covingtonwedding007 covingtonwedding008 covingtonwedding009

Then for the big moment between bride and groom.

covingtonwedding010 covingtonwedding011 covingtonwedding012 covingtonwedding013 covingtonwedding014 covingtonwedding015 covingtonwedding016

I cannot ever get enough of Emily’s laugh. It’s truly the greatest thing, ever.


She surprised Jeff with a boudoir album from our company, The Boudoir Vixen.


Then we spent some relaxed time shooting some portraits of the happy couple.

covingtonwedding019 covingtonwedding020 covingtonwedding021 covingtonwedding022 covingtonwedding023 covingtonwedding024 covingtonwedding025 covingtonwedding026 covingtonwedding027 covingtonwedding028 covingtonwedding029 covingtonwedding030 covingtonwedding031 covingtonwedding032 covingtonwedding033 covingtonwedding034 covingtonwedding035 covingtonwedding036 covingtonwedding037 covingtonwedding038 covingtonwedding039


covingtonwedding042 covingtonwedding043 covingtonwedding044 covingtonwedding045 covingtonwedding046 covingtonwedding047 covingtonwedding049 covingtonwedding050 covingtonwedding051 covingtonwedding052 covingtonwedding053 covingtonwedding054 covingtonwedding055 covingtonwedding056 covingtonwedding057 covingtonwedding058 covingtonwedding059 covingtonwedding060


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