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Emily: Bridal

When Emily came into my life a couple of years ago, I had no idea how special she would become to me! It all started with her following my work and promising she would hire me when she got engaged to shoot her wedding. She kept that promise and has been a wonderful client to work with. I’ve always really liked her, she is super sweet, extremely easy to get along with and just all around lovely!! I hired her several months ago to work with us and she has truly been such a pleasure to have as part of our lil team. I honestly get a little emotional thinking about our lil Emily and how grateful I am God brought her into my life. She is truly such a blessing.  I can’t say it enough.

I love every single one of her images!! I love that she just lets me do my thing. (Like put her in a gold leotard for her engagement shoot, or put black lipstick on her, or little wings on her, lay her on the ground, etc etc.)

She and her fiancé Jeff got married this past weekend and I will be sharing their wedding photos real soon.

Emily, you are so lovely!!! Truly. Thank you for being you. A true Southern Belle Lady. And thank you for always laughing at me and Brandi all day long. We love your laugh. :)) LOVE YOU!!

Hair/Makeup by Brandi Zito.


We started the shoot with some beautiful traditional shots of Emily.

bridal002 bridal003

This is Emily all day long. We make her laugh a lot. We are just that funny. :))

bridal004 bridal005

Then Emily let us play and get creative with her photos. We were going for the completely non-traditional, which is why we decided on doing it in the studio instead of outdoors.


Yet another shot I just love that proves Brandi and I are hilarious. Haha


Stunning. bridal008 bridal010 bridal009 bridal011 bridal012 bridal013 bridal014 bridal015 bridal016 bridal017 bridal018 bridal019

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