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I met Trey over 10 years ago. We worked together and have remained friends ever since. When he and Whitney asked me to be their photographer, I was truly thrilled. They are seriously two of the nicest and kindest people you will ever meet. When they told me they were going to have an intimate wedding in Napa with only a few close friends and family, I was beyond excited. Intimate weddings are so lovely – there is truly something so special about them. I knew their day would be so sweet, and it was. From beginning to end, I completely loved every moment. They have a 4year old daughter and she was included in so many moments, which made it even more sentimental and beautiful.  I have never seen Trey happier, he was smiling all day. I could go on and on, but I am going to let the photos tell the story.

Whitney, Trey and Rowan: THANK YOU!!! I will always cherish your day and memories. I am so grateful you chose me to be a part of it. Never stop loving each other.

Hair/makeup by Brandi Zito.

So the day began…


Whitney and Trey decided to see each other right before the ceremony and it was so beautiful.

napawedding003 napawedding004 napawedding005

Seriously, I can’t deal with how cute they are.


So much love and happiness.

napawedding007 napawedding008 napawedding009 napawedding010 napawedding011

After allowing them a few minutes alone, we had Trey turn his back again and Rowan had her very own First Look with her daddy. It was seriously the cutest thing. Just look at that face.

napawedding012 napawedding013 napawedding014 napawedding015

I love them!!

napawedding016 napawedding017 napawedding018

Whitney, you are STUNNING. Seriously.

napawedding019 napawedding020 napawedding021

Love this. Trey helping his two girls.


No lie, I get emotional every time I look at their photos.

napawedding023 napawedding024 napawedding025 napawedding026 napawedding027 napawedding028 napawedding029

Then the ceremony began.

napawedding030 napawedding031 napawedding032 napawedding033 napawedding034 napawedding035 napawedding036 napawedding037

They read their own special vows to each other. It was so beautiful and quite emotional.

napawedding038 napawedding039

Rowan was asked to join them during the exchanging of rings.

napawedding040 napawedding041 napawedding042 napawedding043 napawedding044Obsessed.




napawedding048 napawedding049 napawedding050

I made them climb this ridiculously steep hill to get to this spot. I love that they were down for literally whatever I asked of them. And I am so glad because I love the next few shots.

napawedding051 napawedding052 napawedding053

The rest of the evening was spent having so much fun with their friends and family. It was a night to remember forever.

napawedding054 napawedding055

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  • Jennifer J

    These are amazing!!! What an awesome job you did! I’m tearing up just looking at them!

  • Karen

    Awesome pics of my beautiful cousin’s wedding!

  • W. McKnight

    Beautiful…You can see the love in the air.

These cuties right here… oh my goodness. Christina and Kevin’s love is inspiring. They are genuinely happy and in love with each other and besides that, they are SO LOVELY and kind. Both of them are always smiling and always so attentive to me and whatever I needed from them. It was so easy to work with them and I literally smile every time I look at their photos.

Christina + Kevin: THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, it means so much you chose me to be a part of your memories. Never stop loving each other. xo


stlouiscathedral001 stlouiscathedral002 stlouiscathedral003 stlouiscathedral004 stlouiscathedral005 stlouiscathedral006 stlouiscathedral007 stlouiscathedral008 stlouiscathedral009 stlouiscathedral010 stlouiscathedral011 stlouiscathedral012
stlouiscathedral015 stlouiscathedral016 stlouiscathedral017 stlouiscathedral018 stlouiscathedral019 stlouiscathedral020 stlouiscathedral021 stlouiscathedral022 stlouiscathedral023 stlouiscathedral024 stlouiscathedral025 stlouiscathedral026 stlouiscathedral027 stlouiscathedral028 stlouiscathedral029 stlouiscathedral030 stlouiscathedral031 stlouiscathedral032 stlouiscathedral033 stlouiscathedral034 stlouiscathedral035 stlouiscathedral036 stlouiscathedral037 stlouiscathedral038 stlouiscathedral039 stlouiscathedral040 stlouiscathedral041

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Allison and Ryan’s wedding was truly nothing short of amazing and fabulous. A dream wedding!! Even though it POURED that day in New Orleans, the wedding went off without a hitch and was just stunning. All done at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans, they made use of the entire property to its fullest. Wink Designs was there to create a spectacular event and make sure everything ran smoothly. They TRANSFORMED this venue. It looks absolutely nothing like this normally. They created absolute magic and an atmosphere that you would never forget. Not only are they total geniuses when it comes to designing a beautiful wedding, they were wedding ninjas with keeping this event running perfectly. I was beyond impressed with their talent and professionalism. What a great team! I was thrilled to see them make Allison and Ryan’s wedding day dreams come to life.

Thank you Allison and Ryan for having me be a part of your magical day! It was an honor and I hope you cherish your photos forever. xo

mardigrasworld001 mardigrasworld002 mardigrasworld003 mardigrasworld004 mardigrasworld005 mardigrasworld006 mardigrasworld007 mardigrasworld008 mardigrasworld009 mardigrasworld010 mardigrasworld011 mardigrasworld012 mardigrasworld013 mardigrasworld014 mardigrasworld015 mardigrasworld016 mardigrasworld017 mardigrasworld018 mardigrasworld019 mardigrasworld020 mardigrasworld021 mardigrasworld022 mardigrasworld023 mardigrasworld024 mardigrasworld025 mardigrasworld026 mardigrasworld027 mardigrasworld028 mardigrasworld029 mardigrasworld030 mardigrasworld031 mardigrasworld032 mardigrasworld033 mardigrasworld034 mardigrasworld035 mardigrasworld036 mardigrasworld037 mardigrasworld038 mardigrasworld039 mardigrasworld040 mardigrasworld041 mardigrasworld042 mardigrasworld043 mardigrasworld044 mardigrasworld045 mardigrasworld046 mardigrasworld047 mardigrasworld048 mardigrasworld049

Venue: Mardi Gras World // Design and Coordination: Wink Design and Events // Florals: Bella Blooms // Video: Dyle Films // Cake: Melissa’s Fine Pastries

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  • Oh my goodness. I just love how you see and capture the world. It’s this honest story telling that is so artistically done it slays me. So beautiful.

It’s always fun to shoot on the water. More challenging for sure, but it’s amazing to capture something so romantic as a couple in a pirogue. We went down to the bayou to photograph Victoria and Corey’s engagement shoot. And I love what we got of them. I know they will cherish these photos forever. This is such a special time in their life and I glad I am the one who will be able to document their big day this fall.

bayouengagement001 bayouengagement002 bayouengagement003 bayouengagement004 bayouengagement005 bayouengagement006 bayouengagement007 bayouengagement008 bayouengagement009 bayouengagement010

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  • Teryn Thibodeaux


    Your work is amazing. I have been following you a few years and love everything you share. Corey and Victoria, you two make a beautiful couple and I can’t wait to see you start a family together! Congrats

  • Victoria Johnson

    Courtney came out to Lake Martin, to do my engagement shoot it was hot and windy and humid. I almost second guessed my location idea wondering if I had picked the wrong place, but when I saw these shots with the beautiful trees and what Courtney captured I was so Happy. My wedding theme is centered around the South and our Cajun Heritage and I can’t wait to place one of these in our new home. :)
    They will be cherished forever. Thank you Courtney and Emily xoxo

I completely adore intimate weddings. There is something so very special and memorable about it. It is so peaceful, calm and emotional. I love that Ashley and Jeremy opted to only have family members at their wedding. They had about 30 guests total. When I arrived, Ashley was so peaceful as she got her hair and makeup done. It was just her and her mom together in her room and she prepared. The entire mood of the day was so very sweet. No stress whatsoever. I cherished every moment and it was such an honor to be a part of such a sacred and beautiful day.

Ashley + Jeremy: Thank you for inviting me to photograph your special memories. I truly enjoyed every single moment. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and love. xo

terrellhouse001 terrellhouse002 terrellhouse003 terrellhouse004 terrellhouse005

I love that they chose to do a First Look before their ceremony. This is my absolute FAVORITE moment of any couple’s day. There is just something soooo special about the couple having an alone moment to see each other before anyone else does.

terrellhouse006 terrellhouse007 terrellhouse008 terrellhouse009

It’s so obvious these two are truly in love and meant to be together.

terrellhouse010 terrellhouse011 terrellhouse012 terrellhouse013 terrellhouse014

Ashley and her father as they prepare to walk down the aisle.

terrellhouse015 terrellhouse016 terrellhouse017 terrellhouse018 terrellhouse019 terrellhouse020

I adore this moment. Genuine happiness that two have become one.

terrellhouse021 terrellhouse022 terrellhouse023

After spending time with their guests and being able to enjoy the dinner and dessert, they danced the night away.

terrellhouse024 terrellhouse025 terrellhouse026 terrellhouse027 terrellhouse028

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  • Michael Jon

    Courtney, I have been a photographer for over 30 years and I am completely inspired by your work. Fantastic job!!!

NaKesha and James are the cutest!! A truly stylish and lovely couple. I LOVE what they wore for their shoot. They are definitely a fantastic example of how to dress appropriately for your engagement shoot and how to coordinate outfits but not be too matchy.  I am so very thrilled they chose me to document their love. I absolutely adore what we got of their engagement shoot. And I absolutely cannot wait to photograph their wedding later this year!

springengagement001 springengagement002 springengagement003 springengagement004 springengagement005 springengagement006 springengagement007 springengagement008 springengagement009 springengagement010 springengagement011 springengagement012 springengagement013 springengagement014 springengagement015

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Sidney is one of my cousins and she asked me to take her senior photos. I rarely do senior pictures but every now and then I will shoot one. I absolutely loved how Sidney’s turned out. She was a great subject and took direction really well. We were able to include a few with her horses and I just adore those!!! Be sure to scroll all the way to the end to see my favorites. :))

Hair/Makeup by Brandi Zito.

seniorgirl001 seniorgirl002 seniorgirl003 seniorgirl004 seniorgirl005 seniorgirl006 seniorgirl007 seniorgirl008 seniorgirl009 seniorgirl010 seniorgirl011 seniorgirl012 seniorgirl013 seniorgirl014 seniorgirl015 seniorgirl016 seniorgirl017 seniorgirl018 seniorgirl019 seniorgirl020 seniorgirl021 seniorgirl022 seniorgirl023 seniorgirl024 seniorgirl025 seniorgirl026 seniorgirl027 seniorgirl028 seniorgirl029 seniorgirl030 seniorgirl031 seniorgirl032

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  • Daphani

    OMG! Love, love, love! I am in love with the one where she’s sitting on the grass and they are both bowing their heads… simply stunning :)

  • Reba

    Love all … My favorite is the one of her standing on her horse BOLO. Good job both of you????

  • Bethany

    Ummmmm AMAZING. Breathtakingly gorgeous.