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Jill + Matt: Wedding

Jill and Matt are the cutest!!! I am obsessed with these two and how into each other they are. I mean, seriously they LOVE each other and I adore it. I couldn’t stop smiling their entire day. The kind of love they share just makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. You can’t help but feel happy around this couple.

Their wedding was held at their home which I just LOVE. It made it so personal and sweet. I really enjoyed every moment.

Jill and Matt: Words could never tell you how truly grateful I am for all of your support and trust in me. I am forever thankful. Never stop loving each other and going on adventures!! xo

Hair/Makeup by Brandi Zito.



They opted for a First Look, which is always an enormously great decision.

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They each exchanged gifts, which included earrings, binoculars, a pocket watch and an AMAZING boudoir album photographed by yours truly at The Boudoir Vixen.   ; )

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Yeah, I think he loved his gifts.

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