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Live theDream: Year 2014

I admit that last year I did not write my annual end of the year post. It’s not that 2013 didn’t have some truly amazing moments, but I also had a lot of awful things happen to me in 2013. These things happened towards the half end of the year and I just wasn’t feeling up to sharing about my year. But with that being said, some really incredible things did take place in 2013 as well. I traveled to Greece, which is now one of my absolute favorite places in the world and I am planning to go back next summer. It was beyond magical and definitely a highlight of 2013. I also purchased my very first house which I am completely OBSESSED with and more grateful for than you could imagine. I have been in it now for a year and I cannot stop thanking God for the huge blessing of living in my dream house. I also hired a new employee in 2013 who has turned out to be the absolute best thing for my business and team. Emily is such a blessing from God and I am so grateful for her every single day. She has a very bright future and I am just so lucky she came into my life.

2014 was definitely a wonderful fresh start for me after dealing with the hardships I faced in 2013. I made a lot of great decisions for my life in 2014 and have never been happier. My business grew a lot in 2014 and I also trained Emily to take over shooting boudoir at The Boudoir Vixen. She has learned SO unbelievably quick and being able to pass that torch has been one of life’s greatest blessings for me. It has allowed me to be able to focus on bettering the business in other areas. It has given me the time to do other things that I have been wanting to work on. And it has also allowed me to focus on a brand new business that I have been working on for the past year and a half. (More on that in 2015!) In 2014, I added a new addition to my fur baby family. Sushi, my Scottish fold kitten has been an additional joy in this past year. I originally got him so that Mischa (my black lab) could have a friend but he has truly turned into so much more than that. I traveled to England, Paris, NYC and California this year. Some for work, some for play. All in all, I loved this year.

As always, I want to say thank you to each and every one of our clients in 2014. You have all been amazing and I would not be who I am without you. Thank you for your constant support and love. I am so grateful for every single one of you. And I look forward to meeting all of our clients in 2015.

As I say in every single one of these posts, never stop living your dream. Never stop fighting for the absolute best life you can have. Dreams do come true if you work super hard for them and if you have a great and positive outlook on life. Seriously, a great attitude and perspective will take you SO far in life. I know this for a fact. No matter what happens or who tries to tear you down, don’t let them. Be strong, be courageous. There is so much beauty in life and SO much to live for.

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Happy New Year!


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PS. Stay tuned for January 12th of next year. I have some seriously HUGE news to share with you guys about some big changes that will be happening in my life. Can’t wait!

Me and my little team on Emily’s wedding day earlier this year:


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