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Live the Dream: Year 2011

It seems like just yesterday I was writing this post for 2010. I cannot believe another year has already flown by. Oh, my, goodness. Even though it went by in the blink of an eye, I can honestly say I did my absolute best to soak up every moment and live every day to the fullest. For that I am super proud. When I think back on 2011, I am truly blown away by all of God’s amazing blessings. Not only did I have the opportunity to do and see some awesome things, so many wonderful people were sent into my life.

One of my favorite things about this year was how much traveling I was blessed to to do. I visited SIX different countries in 2011!! WOW. Aruba, Peru, Jamaica, England, Italy and Mexico! Some of them were for work and some were for fun but I absolutely loved every moment of every single memory made. I was also able to travel all over the US this year which was equally fun. There is no doubt I have this little thing called a travel bug. I love it as much as I love photography. Truly obsessed with seeing as much of this beautiful planet God has given us.

I was so honored to have such INCREDIBLE clients this year from all over America. I wish I had the time to sit and write each of you a little message on this post of how blessed I am to have worked with each of you. But even if I did, there would and could never be enough of the right words to tell you how much I appreciate you. Yes you… beautiful souls. Thank you for believing in me and in return making me a better person and artist.

This year I am most grateful for what I learned and how I grew. I learned A LOT. Some of was easy and some of it was not. But I learned… and I grew. In my personal life, as a business owner and as an artist, I became a better ME. And that makes me feel good, real good… accomplished. A success in my own little world. I may not have done everything I wanted to do in 2011, but that’s okay. There is always next year. All that matters is that every year I get better and better in every aspect in my life. As long as I’m pushing forward and never giving up on my dreams, then I am on the right track.

2011 was SO good to me… God was so good to me, and is every single day of my life. I am so excited about 2012 and all that’s in store. I look forward to continuing to learn, grow and become the woman God has always intended me to be. No matter what comes my way, I will never stop striving to be a better Courtney. There is nothing and no one that can stand in my way. I will not fail. I will not let go of G0d’s promises. I will not ever give up. This is only the beginning.


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I will leave you with photos of one of my favorite rooms in my studio. My office. Every time I walk into this room, I am humbled… and reminded of how much God loves me. It’s my little room of love and inspiration and I am so grateful for every little nook and cranny.

To God be the glory for everything I am. Without HIM, I am nothing. He is my true inspiration.

Happy New Year to anyone reading this. Never give up, you are loved.

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