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Little Lads

In and out of weeds and dirt.
squealing, laughing, getting hurt.
Arms held out for love and hugs.
Tiny fingers finding bugs.
Rough and tumble, sweet and shy.
Snuggling for a lullaby.
Who could name the countless joys
That come from two sweet little boys.

Children are truly such precious gifts. So innocent and sweet. So full of hope and love. They are truly a reminder of God’s love for us. I want you to meet Owen and Elliot. The funniest, smartest, cutest and most well behaved children.. ever. Truly beautiful blessings sent from God. These two little boys will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. Their cleverness will leave you amazed. And their sweet nature will make your heart melt.

I recently shot some photos of them as a Christmas surprise for their daddy. If you know me, I am obsessed with British culture. So I dressed them up like little Brits did back in day. And to make it even more perfect, their great grandmother is British. : ) I absolutely love how the outfits turned out – it couldn’t have been more perfect. Hope you enjoy these sweet photos that are so special to my heart.


Brothers will be brothers. Even during photoshoots.

The photo below completely sums up Elliot’s personality. And I love it.

Seriously, beautiful children.

Owen is such a good older brother. He has a heart of gold.

 poem by: Lorayne Stevenson

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