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Whitney + Trey: Wedding, Napa Valley

I met Trey over 10 years ago. We worked together and have remained friends ever since. When he and Whitney asked me to be their photographer, I was truly thrilled. They are seriously two of the nicest and kindest people you will ever meet. When they told me they were going to have an intimate wedding in Napa with only a few close friends and family, I was beyond excited. Intimate weddings are so lovely – there is truly something so special about them. I knew their day would be so sweet, and it was. From beginning to end, I completely loved every moment. They have a 4year old daughter and she was included in so many moments, which made it even more sentimental and beautiful.  I have never seen Trey happier, he was smiling all day. I could go on and on, but I am going to let the photos tell the story.

Whitney, Trey and Rowan: THANK YOU!!! I will always cherish your day and memories. I am so grateful you chose me to be a part of it. Never stop loving each other.

Hair/makeup by Brandi Zito.

So the day began…


Whitney and Trey decided to see each other right before the ceremony and it was so beautiful.

napawedding003 napawedding004 napawedding005

Seriously, I can’t deal with how cute they are.


So much love and happiness.

napawedding007 napawedding008 napawedding009 napawedding010 napawedding011

After allowing them a few minutes alone, we had Trey turn his back again and Rowan had her very own First Look with her daddy. It was seriously the cutest thing. Just look at that face.

napawedding012 napawedding013 napawedding014 napawedding015

I love them!!

napawedding016 napawedding017 napawedding018

Whitney, you are STUNNING. Seriously.

napawedding019 napawedding020 napawedding021

Love this. Trey helping his two girls.


No lie, I get emotional every time I look at their photos.

napawedding023 napawedding024 napawedding025 napawedding026 napawedding027 napawedding028 napawedding029

Then the ceremony began.

napawedding030 napawedding031 napawedding032 napawedding033 napawedding034 napawedding035 napawedding036 napawedding037

They read their own special vows to each other. It was so beautiful and quite emotional.

napawedding038 napawedding039

Rowan was asked to join them during the exchanging of rings.

napawedding040 napawedding041 napawedding042 napawedding043 napawedding044Obsessed.




napawedding048 napawedding049 napawedding050

I made them climb this ridiculously steep hill to get to this spot. I love that they were down for literally whatever I asked of them. And I am so glad because I love the next few shots.

napawedding051 napawedding052 napawedding053

The rest of the evening was spent having so much fun with their friends and family. It was a night to remember forever.

napawedding054 napawedding055

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