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If you have ever been a little curious as to what goes on “behind the scenes” at my photography company, I plan on cluing you in today. Over the many years of photographing weddings, I have collected a few photos here and there of what we look like while photographing my lovely clients. Some of these photos are epic and others are… well, just weird.

So, prepare yourself.

This is me, making sure every hair is just perfect.
Location: Baton Rouge, La

“Okay, now put your hand softly on his face…”
Location: Negril, Jamaica

“Okay, now you go over there. Now guys, give me your GQ faces.”
Location: Natchez, Mississippi

Meet Deirdre… one of my amazing second shooters.
Location: Aruba

I ask Deirdre quite often to stand in a place that I want to see what the light is looking like there. Sometimes she has a hard time just being normal.
Location: Glynn, Louisiana

Oh New Orleans.
Location: New Orleans, La

Photo bomb!
Location: Somewhere in Colorado

Shooting in snow was absolutely FREEZING, but still one of my favorite things I have done.
Location: Somewhere in Colorado

Camera, bouquet and veil all in hand. Yes, sometimes I have to do it all.
Location: Lafayette, La

Do you see me?
Location: New Orleans, La

Deirdre is a great veil fixer.
Location: Lafayette, La

“Do it like Bernie, do it like Bernie” – loved this moment with my awesome bride.
Location: Baton Rouge, La

Meet Michael, another one of my awesome second shooters.
Location: Natchez, Mississippi

He is really good at fixing dresses.
Location: Avery Island, La

See, he knows how to do it well.
Location: Natchez, Mississippi

He even knows how to carry them superbly.
Location: Lafayette, La

I truly love what I do.
Location: Baton Rouge, La

Michael is really great at making sure the grooms look perfect too.
Location: Negril, Jamaica

Sometimes we help out the grooms when the tie is tricky.
Location: Ponchatoula, La

No matter how cold it is, I am going to make sure your photos are perfect.
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

I am really good at making little tiny flower girls smile too.
Location: Livingston, La

We are always there, capturing those special moments on your big day.
Location: White Castle, La

Do you see me? Or are my invisible ninja skills working?
Location: Darrow, La

“Alright guys, serious faces!”
Location: Baton Rouge, La

Me: “Hey go sit over there and let me test the light.” Him: “Come see how good looking I am.”
Location: Livingston, La

This is what we call wrong place, wrong time. No worries, I got the shot in the next frame. Also, did you notice? The bride is our Deirdre!
Location: Natchez, Mississippi

“Here let me help you out with that thing.”
Location: Baton Rouge, La

Michael: “let me show you how it’s done” – Deirdre: “teach me oh wise one”
Location: Baton Rouge, La

That’s me, rocking it in high heels. You can tell me I’m awesome now.
Location: Baton Rouge, La

This little girl came right up to me and wanted to dance. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.
Location: New Orleans, La

Deirdre and I.
Location: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Like I said, she struggles with being normal sometimes. We still love her though.
Location: New Orleans, La

“I see you”
Location: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

“I see you too”
Location: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

People can’t help but like Michael.
Location: Lafayette, La

Deirdre, me and the 2 videographers making magic.
Location: Cabo, Mexico

We provide sweat towels when needed. You can call us full service photographers.
Location: Lafayette, La

I like to call this photo, “no one wanted to dance with me at prom”.
Location: New Orleans, La

Like I said, we do whatever it takes.
Location: Hammond, La

She’s an odd one… but at least she makes us laugh.
Location: Gonzales, La

“Testing one, two, three… over and out”
Location: Natchez, Mississippi

“She totally can’t see me behind this awesome chair” — can we say, CREEEEEPY?
Location: New Orleans, La

Capturing love, one frame at a time.
Location: Baton Rouge, La

I will do whatever it takes to get that perfect shot.
Location: Somewhere in Mexico

Do you see me?
Location: Covington, La

FAIL. (don’t worry, I got the shot in the next frame ; )
Location: Dixie, La

Welcome our newest team member. Or so she thought… I think she was trying to steal my job. Wedding crasher 101.
Location: Baton Rouge, La

FAIL. (Don’t worry, I got the shot in the next frame.)
Location: Baton Rouge, La

“I’m sexy and I know it… bop be de dom”
Location: Fluker, La

“Look into my lens… yessss!”
Location: Baton Rouge, La

“Daaaang that’s a nice shot!”
Location: Baton Rouge, La

I really and truly have so much fun with both Michael and Deirdre. We all make a great team.
Location: Darrow, La

“You two get close, and I will make this shot look perfect with my veil fixing skills”
Location: Lafayette, La

Seriously, I am just so blessed to have been given this gift… and amazing clients.
Location: Darrow, La

“You like my squinty eyes I make when I shoot?”
Location: Hammond, La

Making magic.
Location: Darrow, La

Do you see me?
Location: New Orleans, La

Location: Dixie, La

Dancing with my brides is one of my favorite things to do.
Locations: Aruba & Lafayette

Last but not least here is a behind the scenes shot in my studio of me and my other passion… boudoir. (To see more of this work go here: The Boudoir Vixen)
Location: The Boudoir Vixen

On a serious note:
I am so grateful for not only my wonderful clients, but for Michael and Deirdre. They have both been so great in helping me capture each of my couple’s love stories. We do have a lot of fun together… but ultimately, we make an awesome team. We love working together and it has been a fun journey to create lasting memories together. I will cherish these photos forever.

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  • Those pics are awesome!!! Love that you go far and beyond :-) you are a true rockstar!!

  • Brandy

    Looks like too much fun! I loved this post from behind the scenes…maybe one day I’ll be behind the scenes. Would be awesome to work with y’all, if only I was that talented! Keep up the fantastic work…

  • Joslyn

    These are so much fun! One of my good friends occassionally posts behind the scenes photos on fb/instagram as well, and I just LOVE see that. It’s so much fun to see what you do – and while I only tend to shoot photos of my children and real estate, it makes me feel less weird when I’m lying in a front yard in mud and leaves knowing that others do the same types of things. (Although I’m so far from Mexico it’s not even funny.)

    Loved the post!

  • Evlyn Lary

    Omg I cant hardly wait to be able to be in these behind the scenes photos. I absolutely love your work! Every picture is so gorgeous!

It was maybe the most beautiful day I have ever seen for a wedding. There was a slight breeze, the sun was shining and the temperature was more than perfect. The day had finally come for Astrid and Blake. The two veterinarians met in vet school, hit it off and the rest is history. Their wedding day was nothing short of a celebration of happiness and love. It was so much fun to be a part of their story and I am thrilled to be able to share their photos with you today.

Astrid and Blake: Thank you for everything. It has been a joy and pleasure working with you from day one. xo

See their engagement photos here.

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I think I literally did not stop smiling the entire day of Chrissy and Tate’s wedding. Their laughter and love for one another is abundantly contagious. You can’t help but absolutely fall in love with these two. They are one of the happiest, most fun couples I have ever met. They are so clearly in love with each other; soulmates. It makes my heart so happy when two people express their love openly. I cannot express how much fun I had getting to know these two lovebirds. It was such an honor. Chrissy and Tate’s love is like a real life movie, which is completely appropriate considering they met through their careers in the film industry. Tate is an actor (if you’ve seen Remember Me, with Robert Pattinson, Tate plays his best friend) and Chrissy is a casting director and their story just couldn’t be more perfect and beautiful in every way. It was obviously meant to be when they crossed each other’s paths. Throughout the wedding day, they were constantly at each other’s side, stealing kisses when they could, cuddling and soaking in the moments of this memorable day. Their wedding day was so special because it was a destination wedding for the couple. They live in Los Angeles and their friends and families are from all parts of the states so they decided to have their wedding in Louisiana for a more intimate and special celebration for their guests to enjoy. They chose to be wed at the Dixie Cotton Gin, which was more than appropriate for their wedding and the theme they had planned. Their wedding day was incredibly unique and unlike anything I have shot before. It was truly such an amazing experience to have been invited to be a part of this beautiful day for Chrissy and Tate. I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Chrissy and Tate: I feel like their are no words to describe how much your love inspires me. Thank you for being YOU. Thank you for the incredible honor of being your photographer. xo

If you know me, I am obsessed with cotton and cotton fields, so needless to say I was beyond excited when I saw her bouquet!!

Tate proposed to Chrissy during one of their dates while at a bowling alley so it was obvious that his wedding shoes would be these awesome bowling shoes!! Chrissy had some shoes designed for her to match his. Love.

I absolutely adored all of the beautifully unique details of their wedding day.

Absolutely love this shot Michael got of the groom finishing his vows before the ceremony.

Tate and Chrissy decided to intimately and privately see each other before the ceremony. BEST DECISION EVER.

Haha I so love this shot. Both of them wiping each other’s tears from pure bliss of the moment.

Seriously, could they be cuter?

During a gift exchange, Tate lit up as he opened his from Chrissy. She had hand made him bride and groom sock puppets. The story behind this is when Tate was a child, he was very ill and spent some time at the hospital. While there, someone came to visit him and brought him a sock puppet. It completely made his day and life as he has forever loved sock puppets since then. How amazing is that?

Tate surprised Chrissy with binoculars for the opera since their honeymoon was going to be spent in Italy. LOVE.

Hahaha seriously, these two are AWESOME.

If you’re not smiling from ear to ear right now, there is something wrong.


Even though they had already seen each other before the ceremony, this photo proves that it does not change the excitement my brides and grooms still feel when the bride is walking down the aisle:

During the ceremony, their wedding bands were passed through every guests hands so they could each say a blessing and prayer over them. How beautiful is that?!

Chrissy and Tate wrote their own vows. Not going to lie, I fought tears the entire time, and so did they! It was such a beautiful moment.

Love the following photo. If you look closely, everyone is wearing a sock puppet. Chrissy surprised Tate again by giving everyone “top secret” bags to hold during the ceremony that were each filled with sock puppets for him! SO FLIPPIN CUTE.

Their first dance was beautiful and emotional. One of my favorite things about it was how every single guest made a circle around them and took the time to be a part of this beautiful moment. It was truly overwhelming and beautiful in every way.

Father/daughter dance.

LOVE this shot Michael captured:

Mother/son dance.

The delicious cake was created by one of my favorite bakers, Heather of Social Bites of Ruston!

Again, this is how cool these two are:

Their grand exit!! Again, visited by the awesome sock puppets!!!

I am so grateful to have been a part of this day.

Another amazing thing that happened is Chrissy and Tate were featured in the New York Times the following day, along with one of my photos. Definitely a highlight and amazingly proud moment for me! You can read the whole article by clicking here.

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  • Kelly

    Words cannot express how beautiful/adorable/creative this couple’s wedding looks….so great…..seriously, I’ll say it again: SO. GREAT. And it goes without saying, Courtney you captured everything perfectly.

  • Jessica

    Blew me away yet again with how awesome you are! I absolutely adore your work!! Loved everything about their wedding day!!!!

  • Lisa P.

    Very unique wedding – love the sock puppets. You did a great job capturing their emotions!

  • Pat Grainger

    I would love to purchase 3-5 pictures in the 4″ x 6″ size. Is that possible? How do I let you know which ones I want?
    You did such a wonderful job. God gave you a true talent as a photographer and what a great job to catch people at the very best time of their lives.

  • Congratulations !!!!!!!!
    Nice couple , so beautiful wedding photography .Thanks for sharing this blog , its nice post.

This beautiful couple met in elementary school. His mom was Ashley’s first grade teacher! I just love that. Even though at such a young age they had no idea… God had big plans for them that came to pass later in life as adults and the rest is history. After getting to know this couple and the bride’s family it was so obvious how much they all love each other. It was a joy to be able to share their incredible day with them and be able to capture so many beautiful memories. I will let the photos tell the rest of the story.

You can view Ashley and Graham’s engagement shoot here.
You can view Ashley’s bridal shoot here.

Ashley and Graham: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with this special time in your life. I am honored and I hope you cherish the photos and each other forever. xo

Ashley’s Monique Lhuillier dress was to die for.

Ashley and Graham’s wedding was held at Ashley’s family’s house which was so special in every way.

Ashley’s father is very close to his daughters and he surprised Ashley by flying in Bob Carlisle to sing “Butterfly Kisses” for their dance. Amazing.

Butterflies were released during the song.

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  • Stephanie

    Of course it would be at a family home- I was looking forward to seeing what venue this was because its stunning! And the bride was just gorgeous in every way. What a beautiful wedding. Thanks for sharing.

  • Beautiful photos…and a gorgeous wedding! And that dance floor. WOW. So cool!

Amy was a bridesmaid in one of my weddings 5 years ago and has known all along that she would hire me someday when it was time for her special moment. I mean, if that isn’t flattering, I don’t know what is!! What an honor to know that she loved my work so much. I am beyond thrilled to now be a part of her upcoming wedding. It was so much fun getting to know her a little better as well as Kyle. They were so cute the entire shoot, giggling, laughing and having the best time. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding soon!

Amy + Kyle: Thank you for believing in me so much!! You are both so beautiful inside and out and I am honored to be a part of this time in your lives. xo

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