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They met 6 years ago, and it just clicked. He saw her in class one day and clearly just couldn’t get her pretty face out of his mind. ; ) Kristen and Travis are so nice. Truly a genuinely kind couple and it has been a pleasure getting to know them both as they prepare for their big day next Spring. We met in New Orleans to shoot their engagement photos and I absolutely love what we got. The weather was beyond perfect – I only wish every day was as pretty!!

Kristen and Travis – Thank you for everything. Mostly for trusting me. I am looking forward to the wedding!!

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  • Oh my, Courtney you have done an awesome job. The angles and things that you purposely leave in your photos while others intentionally leave them out is really natural instinct. I lLOVE all the pics of this great looking couple. can’t wait to see more!!!

  • Such a sweet couple. I love the lighting and the location…just perfect

It was the most beautiful day outside. You could feel fall slowly approaching. And I was thrilled to be able to meet up with Blake and Astrid to shoot their engagement photos. I had photographed Astrid’s bridals a couple of days before so needless to say Astrid and I got to see a lot of each other that week! : ) I am so excited that fall is here and the cool weather is hopefully here to stay. You just never know with Louisiana though!

Astrid and Blake met in veterinary school and the rest is pretty much history. I love that they are both vets! And what an adorable way to meet. They compliment each other so well and it was so much fun getting to interact with them both as a couple. I look forward to the big day coming up soon!!

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You may remember this adorable couple I photographed in Houston earlier this summer. They met in high school and realized it was a match made in Heaven. This amazing couple has traveled all over the world together, creating memories and having adventures together which is something I just LOVE! They were married in Louisiana this summer and the wedding was nothing short of beautiful bliss. It was an honor to be a part of this joyous occasion.

Tiffany + Taylor: Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your special memories. It was so much fun getting to know you and your family!

Tiffany and Taylor decided to see each other before the ceremony. Also know as the First Look. Which as you probably know by now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

There were quite some characteristic groomsmen in this bridal party. “Take my picture! Look at me!”


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Absolutely ADORE every single detail of Anika and Josh’s wedding. The soft vintage, ruffly feel is one of my favorite looks for a wedding. Anika has fabulous style and taste and because of this she hired some of the best vendors in the New Orleans area to be able to put together her dream wedding. You may remember this beautiful couple from their engagement session a few months ago.  I have been so excited to see what Anika dreamed up for her wedding day after getting to know her a little. And she did not disappoint. Merideth of Belle Soiree executed Anika’s vision flawlessly. She created a wedding that not only looked stunning, but transitioned perfectly. Merideth is one of the best wedding planners I have ever worked with, it was a true joy to see her work come to life. Bella Bloom Florals was there to create a floral dream for their wedding. I have worked with Bella Blooms a few times now and their works never ceases to blow my mind. Truly talented florist team. It was an honor to be a part of such an amazing team and amazing wedding for Anika and Joshua. I am super proud of what we were all able to create for this beautiful couple.

Anika + Josh: Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your magical day. It was an honor and I hope you love the photos as much as I do. xo

Absolutely LOVE Anika’s gown.

Flower purses for the flower girls by Bella Blooms – ADORABLE.

Cutest flower girl dresses and shoes I have ever seen.

The Chicory could not have been more perfect of a location for this wedding. I LOVED shooting here. One of my favorite venues in New Orleans.

Flower chandelier by Bella Blooms! STUNNING.

This adorable set up is by the fabulous Mrs. Vintage.

LOVE THIS CAKE. By Melissa’s Fine Pastries.

During the ceremony, Anika and Joshua planned on surprising their two daughter with little tiny rings they got for them. The ringbearer would be carrying them in this super cute nest.

Anika and Joshua were uber wise in choosing to do a First Look and see each other before the ceremony. This allowed them to have some private time without any guests, or their children around.

The end to a beautiful night!!!

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True love captivates you, sucks you in. It makes you believe and hope and feel as though nothing is impossible. Katie and David are a true testament of true love and all it’s wonders. I was lucky enough to get to know them a couple of years ago when I asked them to model for my “Vintage Love Story” that has been by far, one of the most loved and favored shoots I have done by those who follow my work. It was not only the most popular but has been featured all over in the Internet, including the very famous Green Wedding Shoes blog. Their adorable love for each other was so evident from the moment we met up until the day they said I do. It has been so much fun and so inspiring to see this couple grow in love together. When Katie asked me to have the honor of being her wedding photographer, I was thrilled. These two have been waiting a very long time to become one and it was so much fun being a part of their love story.

See their engagement shoot here.

Katie and David, thank you so much everything. It has been such a joy getting to know you and being around your infectious personalities. Never stop loving each other. xo

I LOVE that Katie wore red lipstick on her wedding day.

Katie wrote a letter to her “future husband” when she was 16 years old (before she had actually met him). She had planned to give it to him on the wedding day and David was beyond touched.

For Katie’s centerpieces, she wanted a more vintage feel as opposed to the usual flowers. She rented teacups, bottles and old books from Mrs. Vintage. — a fabulous vintage rental company.

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  • Kelly Tesvich

    Ok, so the tears started at the letter she wrote to her future husband. These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Miranda met Josh on a blind date. She was set up by a mutual friend, and though hesitant, she discovered during the date how much she really liked Josh right away. She told me that she kept thinking, “this is the best blind date ever, I hope he likes me!” And the rest is history. SO CUTE. One of my favorite things about Josh is how sweet he is to Miranda… he not only makes her laugh a lot, he really takes such gentle care of her and it was so inspiring to see this through out their wedding day. It was so much fun getting to know them and being able to document their love for each other.

Miranda and Josh – thank you so much for all of your warm kindness and the opportunity to play a small role in your lives. xo

ABSOLUTELY loved the groom’s cake!! Josh is obsessed with space (like me!) — how awesome is that!

They opted to see each other before the ceremony so we were able to capture some really sweet intimate moments between the two. : )

I adore this sweet man who is always at every Dunleith wedding playing the piano.

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They met 17 years ago in college and without a doubt, were truly meant to be together. When I asked Brandon what he loved about their relationship he told me that Janika is his best friend and every day he spends with her he feels more blessed and more passionate about her than the day before. Love that. TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL. The wedding day was proof of that as everything came together so beautifully. It was an honor to be a part of this precious celebration of two soulmates committing to each other forever.

Janika + Brandon: Thank you so much for the huge honor of being your photographer. It was my pleasure and joy. xo

This wedding was dreamed up and created by Kandice of Posh Productions. By far one of the most talented and professional wedding planners I have ever worked with. She is AMAZING. This was my second time to work with Kandice and both times she created masterpieces out of the weddings and was so wonderful to work with. I honestly cannot say enough good things about her and her company. Her weddings are one word: STUNNING. Just see so for yourself.

Amazing details created by Kandice… flowers by Bella Blooms. (You will see more of the details towards the end of this post.)

Janika’s beautiful gown is by the one and only, Vera Wang.

Janika walking to meet her groom for their First Look.

Janika and Brandon did not stop smiling once throughout their intimate First Look moment. I cannot say it enough, a First Look is a moment you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life. The intimacy behind it is something you won’t get otherwise if you chose not to do a First Look. (I don’t allow ANYONE to be at a First Look. It’s super important that the couple have this moment alone. I also do not speak whatsoever during this time. I just am there to capture.)

A sweet moment between the couple while they cooled off in the AC for a minute.

STUNNING church exterior!!

The ice bar was so rad.

My favorite Louisiana tradition is the “second line”. If done right, it can be SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

If this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will:

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  • Lisa P.

    Courtney, thanks for continuing to share your work with us. The images are fabulous!! The wedding planner and the florist did an awesome job also. I just love the bouquets, especially the ones shaped like a purse carried by the flower girls.


  • Shanelle James

    That was the best wedding ever!!! The photos are great. Kandice is a wonderful person, and a fabulous person with whom you can work,

    However, the best part of the entire weekend was the bride and groom – Janika and Brandon. They are a beautiful couple and I hope and pray for continued love, respect, and happiness..

    Janika and Brandon are my two most favorite people, my son and my daughter-in-law. I love you dearly!!!

  • Pamela Jean Angel

    What a wonderful wedding, what a wonderful couple and the perfect addition to my wonderful family. My Black Pearl, my Precious little girl, I could not have prayed for anything more for you, than your night in shinning amour, Brandon Owens James.

    Brandon, you have been a part of my life for 17+ years, now I have the honor of introducing you as the light that shines in my daughters eyes, the beat of her heart and every step she makes…Thank you GOD for all the love and affection I received on their most special day and allowing me to share with Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Owens James their special day.


  • Janika

    Courtney: we are so lucky to have had you as our photographer! The images you captured are simply amazing. Your photography tells a beautiful story.

    Thank you also for your professionalism. You let private moments be private, yet still captured them. We almost never knew you were there but you clearly were because we have the images to prove you were!

    Everyone told us that our wedding pictures were the most important thing, so we needed to make sure we had a great photographer. We hit that one out the park! You and Posh Productions make for a whole lot of incredible memories.

    -Janika and Brandon