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I am sharing something so special and sweet today. Angie and Toby invited me to join them in Negril, Jamaica for their romantic elopement. It was just them two. They wanted it to be something special and extremely intimate between the two of them only. I am still amazed that they gave me the honor to be the other person there to witness it and document it. As I learned more about them, I came to adore them deeply. There were so many emotional moments that even caught me off guard a little, as tears welled up in my eyes. I even feel them coming now as I reminisce and type this story out. Angie and Toby have both suffered deep heartbreak before they met each other. Toby was in a devastating car accident several years before, that left him paralyzed and with severe brain injury. But he fought and never gave up to get his strength back and now he is completely healed and back to his healthy self. AMAZING. Years before they met Angie was engaged to another man who fell ill with cancer. Her world was completely shattered, but she cared for him up until his very last breath. After this tragedy she believed she would never find love again. God knew better… he had bigger plans for them both. After they both suffered, God healed their hearts and brought them to each other. They are so in love and so grateful for every moment they’ve been given. They both know how precious life is and that makes them appreciate God and each other so deeply.

I just love their stories. It’s truly inspiring and proof that no matter what dark nightmare you may be facing or have faced, God is still there holding his arms out with his unfailing love and joy. He will pick you up and piece you back together again. I know this personally from my own devastating heartbreak in the past. Which is why I can relate so much to Toby and Angie.

Their day was so amazing and special in every way. It was such a joy to be a part of it.

Toby sent me this sweet email after their wedding:
“I need nothing only wanted to convey my appreciation for how you saw my wife and I’s moment in life. It is truly a gift you have and share with your clients. Thank you for capturing the happiness that we have and feel for one another. It was what I wanted and more. Just to see her happiness and here her reactions when looking and talking about our wedding will be something I will cherish for the rest of my wife and I’s life together. Our happiness is the most important part of hers and my relationship with each other. Again thank you. Regards, Toby”

Angie and Toby: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for including me on this. I will never forget it. It was such an honor.

Angie had me deliver a hand written note to T0by as he finished his vows. It was so sweet how he started crying. It’s so obvious how much these two love each other.

Even though they didn’t have any guests, they still did a First Look with each other which I just LOVED.

Before the ceremony we took some time to walk around for a few portraits.

Ceremony time:

Angie and Toby invited me to be their witness on their marriage license. Wow, such an honor.

Their first dance as husband and wife.

After an intimate dinner, they set off lanterns into the beautiful starlit sky. It was an amazing moment.

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What a fun day it was for Kyle and Michelle. Their friends and family joined them to celebrate their beautiful relationship of over 10 years. They are best friends and it is quite obvious how much they love each other and how much fun they have together. The whole day was filled with beautiful moments of tears, laughter, joy and love. I could feel it everywhere. Even in the silly moments it was quite obvious not only how much they loved each other but how much their friends and family loved them as well. It was inspiring and beautiful to see so many people support them and give their best wishes for the couple. It wasn’t just another excuse for wedding cake and a party. It was a celebration of love. And I truly had so much fun being a part of this special day.

Michelle and Kyle: Thank you for loving each other. And thank you for inviting me to document your story. It was an honor and a day I will never forget. xo

See their engagement photos here.

Michelle’s hair and makeup (as well as all the bridesmaids) were done by my fabulous stylist Brandi and her team.

Michelle reading Kyle’s letter to her. I love these sweet moments. I can’t even explain how happy they make me. I am getting teary eyed just thinking about it!

Kyle reading Michelle’s letter to him. It’s these moments that give me chills. And remind me how beautiful love really is.

Almost showtime!

I love it so much that my clients trust me. The First Look is one of my greatest pieces of advice for a wedding day. It is SUCH a beautiful moment that cannot ever be explained in words or photos.

Michelle surprised Kyle during their FL with a boudoir album she had made with us at The Boudoir Vixen. He was SO surprised and completely loved it!

The First Look not only gave them time away from everyone else for a few moments of privacy, but it also gave us time to be able to take several beautiful portraits of them without feeling rushed.

Wedding time!

The First Look does NOT take away from the moment the bride walks down the aisle. See, look how excited Kyle is.

What beautiful memories were made!

Michelle and Kyle’s wedding party were SO much fun. But they were also so respectful of me. I cannot give them enough praise. They all listened to my direction during portrait time and then let loose during the reception. It was awesome.

The Phunky Monkeys played and BOY are they awesome. They kept everyone on the dance floor the ENTIRE night. I highly recommend this band.

Can you tell me what’s wrong with this photo? hahahahha… there are a couple of “people” that don’t belong. Notice the horse in between Kyle and Michelle… hahaha I was DYING laughing as they did the Wobble. Oh and don’t forget to notice the old creepy man head in the back there too. There was a pig head that also joined in at one point.

The Phunky Monkeys had the groomsmen come on stage at one point to dance to “Suit and Tie”. Oh.Em.Gee… HILARIOUS. I was crying laughing that’s how funny it was.

Congrats again Michelle and Kyle. I had SO much fun your entire wedding day!! Thanks for being amazing and for trusting me with your memories!!

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Mark and Linda come from two completely different cultures. Linda’s family is Vietnamese and Mark was raised in Canada, but his parents are from England. I just love that. It proves that love has no barriers. When you are meant to be together, nothing can stand in your way. It was amazing to see these two cultures and families come together on Mark and Linda’s wedding day. I felt truly a part of something wonderful and beautiful. Both of these people and their families were so kind, happy and loving towards each other and towards me. I cannot say enough good things about this couple and their families and friends.

I will let their photos tell the rest of the story.

Linda and Mark: You are both so kind, it’s truly inspiring. I am so so grateful to you for inviting me to be a part of this special time in your lives. I will forever be grateful. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness. xo

See their engagement photos here.

Their wedding took place in Houston at the fabulous Chateau Cocomar.

I just love this photo. Linda getting ready to see Mark for the first time on their wedding day.

They made the very wise decision of seeing each other before the ceremony. (aka the First Look)


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Bridget is a hopeless romantic but never thought she would find “the one”. She was driven in life and motivated with school and work. And just wasn’t sure she’d ever find someone who valued these same things in life. Well, God knew better because he brought Mikah into her life and Bridget quickly discovered that not only did he value the same things as her, he actually added to her goals by helping encourage her in everything she wanted and dreamed of. They fell in love and just knew they were right for each other. Now they are planning their wedding for this Spring and I am so looking forward to being a part of it!!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from their engagement shoot.

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