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In Peru : )

Well hello Internet!! Yes, I am still alive. My poor blog is so sad right now as I have not been posting much. Sometimes you just need a break from the Internet though. Ya know? It’s been very refreshing for me to lay off the social media and blogging lately as I have been able to do so many other things that I have been needing to focus on. Needless to say this past week has been one of most inspiring of my life and for that I am so so so grateful. Even with that being said I am preparing to leave the country for a trip to Peru, South America. (Meaning, my blog is going to be quiet for a little longer.)   One of the things on my list of 100 things I want to accomplish by the age of 30 (see that list here) was to bring a group of people to one of my favorite countries, Peru. I am excited to say I am officially heading out to check that off my list now. : ) Seven amazing people decided to come on this little adventure with me and I could not be more excited. We are going to have such an amazing time and I look forward to sharing our journey when I return in 10 days. : ) I will definitely have tons of photos and video to share when we get back. I won’t have Internet access while there so please don’t miss me too much. ; )

Thanks SO SO much to everyone who made donations for the orphanage. We received tons of stuff and I just know the kids are going to love it so much. I pray God blesses each and every one of you for your giving. : ) xo

Be back soon mis amigos! ; )

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