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100 by 30

100 goals I plan to accomplish by age 30.

1. open a full time boudoir studio – CHECK
2. shoot a wedding in England
3. attend a really formal event such as a ball
4. blog everyday for 30 days in a row
5. have a boudoir client come back for her 3rd boudoir shoot – CHECK
6. sell my motorcycle – CHECK
7. be featured in a fabulous wedding magazine – CHECK
8. shoot a celebrity wedding – CHECK
9. go to Europe for a month – CHECK (almost, does 3 weeks count?)
10. hike the Inca Trail from Cusco to Machu Picchu (4 day adventure in Peru)
11. own a home (deciding to hold off on this one until I know where I want to be permanently!)
12. go to Thailand – CHECK
13. organize a group of people to go to Peru to visit the orphanage there & play with the kids for a week  – CHECK
14. host a workshop for photographers
15. hire an assistant/mini-me – CHECK
16. organize all my personal photos – CHECK
17. start writing a book
18. get a promo video made
19. invent something fabulous
20. join a dance class
21. make a new BFF/kindred spirit – CHECK
22. lose 25 pounds
23. do something to change someone else’s life in a drastically great way – CHECK
24. meet my sponsor child – CHECK
25. go on more walks with my dog – CHECK
26. read all of the Twilight books (shush it!)
27. be featured on Green Wedding Shoes blog. – CHECK
28. shoot a wedding with Still Motion
29. find the perfect staff for the boudoir studio I open – CHECK
30. write and direct a short movie
31. go on a photo road trip with a group of fun photographers
32. photograph someone whom I admire – CHECK
33. have a boudoir shoot done of myself!
34. own 20 different chandeliers in my studio : )
35. triple my blog traffic – CHECK
36. blog everyday for 30 days in a row on my boudoir blog
37. add a FAQ page to my boudoir blog – CHECK
38. have 5000 facebook friends CHECK
39. go to egypt
40. work out 5 days a week consistently
41. be featured/interviewed on a major national talk show
42. photograph a celebrity’s boudoir shoot
43. blog how I “fix” my hair
44. make a really cool craft, etsy worthy
45. have my name show up in google suggestions once you’ve typed in “courtney” (right now it shows up when you type “courtney d”) – Sort of CHECK… it shows up right away in Louisiana, but I want it to be like that all over the world! ; ) )
46. meet the band RED and tell them how much their music inspires me – CHECK (January 31, 2011)
47. photograph one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels
48. be featured in a major magazine about my boudoir work
49. visit The Great Wall of China
50. get my boudoir site to show up in the top 10 sites when you google “boudoir” – CHECK
51. double my income – CHECK (2010)
52. donate a week of my time to a good cause
53. host a really awesome party for friends – CHECK
54. get married (fingers crossed!)
55. get every movie that I love watching over and over on DVD – CHECK
56. discover more bands/music that I looooove
57. attend more concerts
58. start a family (fingers crossed again!!)
59. adopt a child. (okay that’s not going to happen by the time I’m 30, but I want it to happen someday)
60. spend more time doing personal things – CHECK
61. be invited to fly on someone’s private plane
62. be asked to speak at a photography convention
63. take more personal photos
64. make a photo book of the 30 years of my life
65. get a book published of my best boudoir work
66. shoot a wedding in L.A.
67. get new photos taken of myself for my website/blog
68. have a whole room in my home dedicated to a gallery of my favorite photos
69. go back to Paris – CHECK
70. paint a wall pink either in my studio or home – CHECK
71. buy a vintage couch – CHECK
72. get 2000 Twitter followers
73. design another tattoo – CHECK
74. get rid of things I don’t need anymore – CHECK
75. get some black UGGS – CHECK
76. get dressed up & wear heels 7 days in a row – CHECK
77. host a party for my boudoir clients (past, present and future) – CHECK
78. get another dog (on the fence about that one!)
79. fill up my passport with stamps
80. shoot a vintage-styled wedding (any takers? ; ) – CHECK Lauren & Joe – March 5, 2o11 : )
81. shoot a vintage-styled engagement shoot (any takers? : )
82. get my savings account to where I want it
83. write a letter- an actual letter to someone – CHECK
84. host a party for local photographers
85. get my name legally changed to make Courtney my 1st name instead of 2nd
86. have a closet full of accessories for my boudoir clients to use
87. find the perfect lawyer for all my legal mumbo jumbo – CHECK
88. get my blog professionally redesigned
89. donate my hair to Locks of Love (ooo that one makes me nervous!) – changed my mind! eek!
90. collaborate with an amazing interior designer for my boudoir studio – CHECK (changed my mind and did it myself!)
91. get letterpress for both my wedding and boudoir businesses – CHECK
92. swim in the ocean (I’m scared of drowning!) – CHECK
93. shoot my 500th boudoir session – CHECK
94. surprise an old friend with an unexpected visit
95. conquer a fear – CHECK
96. get packaging specially designed and branded for my boudoir products – CHECK
97. spend a whole day on a boat in some exotic part of the world
98. do a favor for a friend in need – CHECK
99. spend a whole day doing absolutely – CHECK (September 11, 2010 – did absolutely nothing in the county of Suffolk, England. Blissful.)
100. have an amazing and huge 30th birthday party! – CHECK