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Loads of Personality (Blakeleigh)

I by no means claim to be a children’s photographer nor do I specialize in it. But because I have been photographing Blakeleigh since she was born,  it’s been decided that I pretty much am going to be doing so the rest of her life. She is 5 years old now. GEEZ WHERE DOES THE TIME GO. It’s crazy to think in another 5 yrs she will be 10… then 15… then 20!!!! OMG she will be getting married before we know it. Shhh, don’t tell her mother. ; ) Blake is a very special child… she is the daughter of one of my cousins and one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen. This kid OOZES with personality. I mean seriously, if you want to laugh or be entertained, just hang out with Blakeleigh for a little while. This kid CRACKS me up!!!!! She is so funny, sassy, smart and talented. All around AWESOME. We always have so much fun at her shoots but I think we may have had the most fun with this one. I mean really, I was having a hard time photographing because I was laughing so hard. I got a feather pillow for her to play around with. BOY OH BOY that made a mess! I don’t recommend it!!! But it was so much fun. I wanted this shoot to be really simple and just let Blake’s personality be the main focus instead of fun props. I wanted to capture the essence and innocence of this beautiful child with this shoot so she can one day look back and really feel what her childhood was like. Fun and happy.

Please enjoy a few of my favorites from the shoot. If these photos don’t make you at least smile, well, then you might be a grinch. ; )

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Blakeleigh: Planking. Hahahhaa I don’t think I will ever be able to contain my laughter when looking at this. Sooo funny!!


Sleeping Beauty.

I love you Blakeleigh!

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