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an intriguing jewel in a black gown

As you’ve probably heard me say before… it is sooooo important for me to do things for myself as an artist, to push myself to be creative and keep the artistry and creativity alive and burning inside of me. I think every artist (graphic designer, video editor, painter, sculptor, stylist, photographer, etc) should always make time for projects for themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOOOVE shooting for my clients… I’m obsessed with it. But I still need to shoot things for myself, because after all… that’s how this whole dream began anyways. My mind is always dreaming up things that I want to shoot. My latest idea was to create a shoot themed around a “modern, rocker bride”. I wanted to do something a little different than the normal white/cream dress you normally see on a bride. If you know anything about me, I LOVE rock music and I love fashion and bridal couture. I wanted to combine all of those elements and create something different and beautiful, and prove that you can be different, but still elegant and stunning as bride. I immediately thought of sweet Jewel to play the part. If you’ve seen the sneak peeks I have posted from this shoot in the last couple of days, have you recognized Jewel yet? She modeled for me in 2009 for my “twilight” inspired photo shoot (which was another one of my “artist dreams”!) and I knew she would be just perfect to make my vision come to life. After she let me know she was super excited to do the shoot, I got to planning! I asked my mom to make a black tulle skirt and we then paired it with one of Jewel’s tops and belts to create the “wedding dress” for the shoot. It came out better than I even imagined!!

I then asked the genius Valerie of Southern Fete Event Planning to make a bouquet for me. I didn’t want real flowers.. I wanted different. I explained the theme I was going for and inspiration in my mind, and she of course delivered the most amazingly creative bouquet made of black lace and feathers! I wanted to be able to show that a bouquet can be creative as well. It doesn’t have to look like every other bouquet and Val proves that. I gave her a challenge and it pushed her to be creative, and in the end… turned out AMAZING and better than I could have hoped. I knew she would deliver as she ALWAYS does. I love her creativity!

I asked my sweet, dear friend and dream team member of my studio, Courtney Davis, to do Jewel’s hair/makeup for the shoot. I explained my ideas and told her I imagined Jewel’s makeup being a smokey “Kim Kardashian” eye with hints of gold. She OF COURSE brought that to life and created a masterpiece on Jewel’s face and with her hair. I have said this before and I will say it again and again…. Courtney Davis is a hair/makeup genius!!! She is truly THE  most incredibly talented stylist I have ever worked with. And I can say that in full confidence because I have worked with many. Not only is she good at what she does, but she is ALWAYS reliable and professional. Brides, don’t settle when it comes to your hair/mu for the wedding day… I have seen that happen WAY TOO MANY TIMES and it’s never a good thing. Never. Hire Courtney. ; ) (

I am SO proud of the result of this shoot. The photos are some of my favorites I have ever taken. I am so grateful that God made me an artist. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I truly give Him all of the credit for creating me with this gift that hold so dear to my heart and don’t take lightly. It’s 100% because of Him that I have the talent of art – I am so blessed.

Thank you Jewel, Courtney, mom and Valerie for helping me make another idea come to life. I couldn’t have done it without any of you. Many xoxoxos to you girls – I am so happy you are all in my life!!

I hope that you enjoy the photos, and that by the time you get to the end of this post, you know me even a little better than before.

Jewel, you are exquisite.

A little glitter fun to end the day.  : )

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  • kelli richard

    I adore these! I would love modeling for you like this… you’re just so amazingly talented! :)

  • OMG Courtney!!! These are so stunning! I love every single one of the shots that you posted. You are such an inspiration!

  • You’re on fire girl!! Beautiful pics!
    Brides, this little lady KNOWS how to pose and make you feel comfortable better than I’ve ever seen.
    Jewel, you rocked it and Courtney Davis hair and makeup are beautiful as always! : )

  • Melissa

    Wow! I love the red lipstick, totally changes her look. And the glitter is awesome!!

  • She really is exquisite!! And the location- AMAZING! How do you find these places?! Can you tell me where you got the top hat and the fishnet/birdcage veil please? I have been looking for these for an upcoming circus themed shoot.

  • wow Courtney, these are to die for! Stunning!!

  • wow! absolutely stunning!!

  • Courtney K Davis

    ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! I’m in Love!!!! I had so much fun doing this shoot with EVERYONE involved….. Courtney…. You keep me going, and Thank YOU, for always believing in me, and letting me create, and continue to recreate beauty!!!! I am so honored to be a part of what we are doing… Jewel, you name says it all… You are beautiful inside and out!!!!! Hope we get the chance to work together again!!!!
    All for the Love of BEAUTY…..Courtney:)

  • Fallon

    Wow!! Amazing!! Beautiful!! Stunning!! Fabulous!! Gorgeous!! Can i say more.. Your Awesome Courtney!! I’m so glad your my photographer!! Great Work, Keep it up 😉

  • Hollie Fitzhenry

    These are truly inspiring and striking images you have captured. Jewel was an absolutely perfect choice for this aesthetic. I could only hope to one day work with an artist like yourself one day!

  • These are INSANE!!! SO gorgeous!! Wow love them!!

  • Wow!!! Gorgeous work as always!!

  • She is BEYOND STUNNING! Absolutely breathtaking work Courtney. You are amazing!

  • The glitter shot! Love it!!!
    PS. I have bags and bags of black tulle if you ever need more!

  • Lauren VanZandt

    Such a beautiful concept, Courtney!! You and your team’s talent amaze me. And your model is gorgeous! If she doesn’t model professionally, she should.

  • Beautiful work as always!

  • lauren

    Beyond beautiful! You do such incredible work in weddings and boudoir! I follow both you blogs :)

  • good grief she’s so gorgeous; it’s just not fair. ♥

  • All these images are FABULOUS!!! love. love. love.

  • Jamy Malone

    Absolutely disgustingly fabulous! I’m insanely jealous and I ADORE every single picture! LOVE!!!

  • Racheak

    You my dear are an amazibg artist. You have a wonderful gift. I have to say Jewel you look stunning. Perfect job!!

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