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Jewel & Phillip :: a Bella & Edward inspired shoot

There are so many love stories that I adore. But I’m not going to lie, the story between Edward and Bella is truly one of my favorites for many reasons. I’ll admit when the Twilight craze first began, I was not interested at all. I didn’t see the first movie until several months after it was released and even then I wasn’t that interested. It wasn’t until I went to see it a second time and gave it my complete and full attention that I fell in love with them! It wasn’t the way the movie was filmed, the actors who played the roles, or the fact that it’s complete fantasy about a vampire loving a human. It was the story of intense love and passion that drew me into this particular story. I love that they were instantly drawn to each other and had an undeniable connection even though they were worlds apart. The love they shared was so deep and intense that hardly any words had to be exchanged for them to know that they were deeply in love with each other. It didn’t matter to them that maybe the world would look down on them for being together – they truly and passionately loved each other and that’s all that mattered. Edward’s natural instinct to protect Bella is the thing I most love about the story. If he could he would give his own life for her if it meant protecting her and keeping her safe. He would do anything for her and be there for her whenever she needed him. That’s the kind of love that I am IN LOVE with!! That is why I love this story so much. I’ve been wanting to do a shoot for quite a while now that was inspired by their love. I asked Jewel and Phillip if they would mind modeling for me and letting me capture the mood of Bella and Edward’s love through my lens. I was honored when they obliged and I’m not sure I could have picked a better couple. They are so awesome and were so easy to work with. We had a lot of fun and below you will see a FEW of my favorites. I loved every single shot taken that day so it was extremely difficult to pick a few for the blog. If you know me at all, I hardly ever change my photographs to black and white… but several of the following are because I just felt they went so well with the mood of this shoot.

One of the reasons I love what I do so much is because I am able to express my inner soul and heart through photographs of other people. This photo shoot represents a very deep and vulnerable part of who I am on the inside. Every photograph you look at, you see a part of me. I hope you like what you see…

bellaedward004 bellaedward002 bellaedward005 bellaedward006 bellaedward007


bellaedward012 bellaedward013 bellaedward009 bellaedward016 bellaedward001


bellaedward023 bellaedward024 bellaedward026

Jewel, you are exquisite!



bellaedward029 bellaedward033 bellaedward034


bellaedward037 bellaedward039


Phillip, thank you for showing such beautiful love to Jewel.




I am SO lucky to be able to work with such amazing people. I have to pinch myself everyday to remind myself that I’m not dreaming!! Thank you Jewel and Phillip for completely rockin this shoot with me. I heart you both!!!

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  • Kimber Smith

    this is true Courtney at it’s best! beautiful
    I NEED the apple shot on my wall!!!

  • Amanda

    You are definitely AMAZING!

  • AHHHHHHH!!!!!! I am so jealous!!!!!! This is so amazing-I’m such a Twilight nerd:) xoxoxoJos

  • She’s hot, He’s hot, but most of all her SHOES are hot! I even like the converse… FUN and FABULOUS as usual Dellafiora! *Muah*xoxo (and I love all the textures and colors)

  • …and they are both more ‘true’ to what I had envisioned when reading the books. I really don’t like the movie at all. Beautiful.

  • Amy

    Courtney…these are fantastic! I have been stalking your blog for months now and this my favorite!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! Love the story of Edward and Bella! Amazing!

  • Dee

    Love this post and LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos!

  • Those are all the same reasons I am so in love with the Twilight books and movies. This shoot is AMAZING and they are the most gorgeous couple I have ever seen! You rocked it like no other!!!

  • Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow! and Wow.

  • Those are amazing!!!

  • You did an amazing job! Those turned out great. The background, the models…you really captured it!

  • they look like they should be IN the movie! fabulous job my dear!

  • I came over from kimber’s site and boy, am I glad I did! How completely beautiful your photography is! Stunning!

  • Came here from Kimber’s. Gorgeous!! This shoot captured the essence of Bella and Edward’s love story perfectly. Amazing.

  • Sara

    OMG these pictures are so amazing and beautiful!

  • Hey Courtney- I stumbled across your blog a month or so ago from a friend of mine who joined your fan page on FB. I am a photographer in NOLA as well. These pics are amazing- great job! -Jen

  • OMG! Stopping over via Kimber. You rock and I am in love with this series. A Twilight fan myself, you gave me goosebumps. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  • Woman, you are GIFTED!!! I wish you lived in OC so we could meet for coffee and talk about your mad skills :)

  • Amy Ryland

    Wow! I love everything about these, the mood, the location, the couple that rocked it, the light, the poses…everything!

  • Kimber Smith

    I came back to look at these again and I am still completely WOW…they are even more beautiful than I remember!!

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  • caitlin

    can you tell me where he got his pea coat? i love it! pleaseee?

  • Jewel has beautiful eyes! They’re so stunning, and I love the way you portrayed the love of Edward and Bella. At one point I noticed Jewel was even wearing converse the way Bella does in the film!

  • Jamy Malone

    This has been my favorite shoot from the begining! I absolutely love ALL these pics!!! LOVE THEM!!! But seriously, I NEED to know where she got her black wedge shoes! LOVE them!!! I must have them too!!

  • Absolutely LOVE this. By far the best session ever. =) GORGEOUS models by the way. I can’t get over this session. ♥

  • Hi,

    I saw your photos from one of your follower in twitter and also would like to follow you with your permission of course. I am curious, what lens do you use basically on your shoots? Just wondering because I am a starting photographer want to be but I got some shots that would really satisfy me. I really like your photos the way you see things that translates through your images makes me feel “I want to shoot photo’s!” Anyways I do also like your websites. I hope admiring such work would tie a line without inhibitions let’s just say that I’m an admirer on what you do which is taking emotions thru pictures and doing it as a job, and yes your blessed.

    Have a nice day, thanks.


  • kristen lebel

    loved this! glad i stumbled upon it!!

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