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United Kingdom Trip (part 3)

One of the best things about my trip was that I really was able to relax and forget about emails, bookings, business decisions, photoshoots, albums, wedding, boudoir, the list goes on and on. I was so afraid that I would be checking up on things and still falling asleep at night thinking about my business like I usually do. I worried that I wouldn’t really get to enjoy this trip as much as I wanted to because of my responsibilities back home. But somehow, when I stepped on that plane to Europe, I left all of that here. I never once worried about any of it and I had completely reassurance that my amazing assistant had everything under control. (which she did!!) I was able to have SO much fun and really just completely let it go for the 3 weeks I was gone. It was AMAZING. Since I started my business, I have definitely become a workaholic. I love my job so much though so it doesn’t bother me to work hard to make my dreams come true… but it was definitely time for some Courtney Time. It was SO REFRESHING and inspiring and I decided that having more personal time is a MUST. No matter how much you love your job, having some “you” time is crucial or eventually we’ll all get burnt out. Before I left for my trip, I didn’t even have a day off… EVER. I had to work from 5am to 7 or 8 at night just to stay on top of it. But I am SO grateful that Deirdre has been able to take over a lot of my responsibilities – hiring her was truly one of the best decisions of my life. I honestly don’t know how I did it for so long without her. She is a GODSEND!

Back to the trip!!

So after Joslyn and Alison left me (sniff)… I headed to London where my friends (who are like family to me), Teresa and Stuart, picked me from the airport and took me to stay with them at their house for the rest of my trip. They live in a village in the country about 2 hours outside of London and I was so excited to hang out with them and have some down time since I had been going non stop every day and sleeping on a different bed every night.


Teresa took me to see the coast the next day. It was a very windy and cold day but it was nice to be able to see the edge of England.

englandcoast001 englandcoast002

We then headed to check out a castle in Framlingham.

englandcoast003 framlingham003 framlingham004

The next day Teresa took me to college town… aka Cambridge. I LOVED this town. So many students, colleges and bicycles. The feel of this town was definitely fabulous and magical.

cambridge001 cambridge002 cambridge003 cambridge004 cambridge005 cambridge006 cambridge008 cambridge007

The day after my visit to Cambridge I took a train to London to have a few of days alone in the city again.


I did a LOT of walking around. A LOT.

london002 london003

I did a lot of shopping, went to a broadway, and I saw this amazing rainbow! This photo was taken with a point and shoot because I didn’t have my nice camera with me at the time.


And this photo was taken with my iphone. This may have been the prettiest rainbow I have ever seen. It was so vibrant!


I love this!!! I saw it and said, “Where do I sign up!?”


London is by FAR, my favorite big city that I have ever been to. It is AMAZING — a city of dreams!!


I never wanted this day to end. It was perfect.


The next day I headed to Notting Hill to do a photoshoot of Parisa and Tim. (more on that soon!)… and beforehand Parisa and I went and had some tea and she took me to see the famous Notting Hill bookstore (that is in the movie) since she lived right around the corner from it. (iphone photos)

london009 london008

That night I got back on the train to head back to Teresa’s and spent the entire next day doing absolutely nothing but reading, drinking tea and CHILLING OUT. It was pretty much wonderful. Later that day I decided to take a walk around the village and snap a few photos.


Siiiiigh. I LOVE ENGLAND!!!!

debenham001 debenham003 debenham006 debenham004 debenham005 debenham007

The day ended with a beautiful sunset. Teresa and Stuart’s friends came over that night for an AMAZING dinner (Teresa is the English Martha Stuart… no lie…. and her food was delicious.), lots of wine, and hilarious conversation. The English in general are SUCH nice and friendly people…. but especially Teresa and Stuart. They are two of the kindest people I have ever met in my life. I never once felt out of place,  like “the foreigner” or not welcome. They always made me feel right at home and I absolutely had so much fun staying with them.

debenham008 debenham009

Next post: The trip comes to an end. : ( WAH! Then Parisa and Tim’s London photoshoot. And at the end of all these posts, I have a surprise for you! Stay tuned!!

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