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Joslyn in London

(Blogging about our actual trip will continue on Wednesday, September 22nd.)

While in London, Joslyn Davis and I did a little photo shoot. : ) Jos is not only a fabulous host at ClevverTV, but she is an amazing model so needless to say we had a BLAST shooting the following photos.

Joslyn is truly one of the most beautiful people inside and out that I have ever had the honor of knowing. She probably doesn’t know this, but she truly inspires me on a daily basis to be a better woman. Not only does she have a wonderful heart and personality, but she is such a woman of integrity and I absolutely 100% love her! I feel so lucky just to be her friend. The world could definitely use more Joslyns. ; ) Thank you Jos for being so incredibly amazing in every way!! I look forward to many more fun memories in the future. : )

I love ALL of the photos below. It was so hard to narrow down my favs. Joslyn is so much fun to shoot.

While we waited for the tube to take us to our location, I decided to take advantage of the amazing light that flows into that particular station.

londonshoot001 londonshoot002

Haha this picture is SO random but it has a story behind it. Plus it’s like my only tube shot I took when it was super crowded like this. You should have seen the looks we were getting while we documented the “Where’s Joslyn” photographs for her blog.

londonshoot003 londonshoot004 londonshoot005 londonshoot006 londonshoot007 londonshoot008 londonshoot009 londonshoot010 londonshoot011 londonshoot012 londonshoot013 londonshoot015 londonshoot019

Love love this.

londonshoot016 londonshoot017 londonshoot018 londonshoot020

After a change we headed to the park for a more romantic look.

londonshoot021 londonshoot022 londonshoot023 londonshoot024 londonshoot025 londonshoot026 londonshoot027

I love that the light is hitting those bugs and making them look like fireflies. : )

londonshoot028 londonshoot029 londonshoot030 londonshoot031 londonshoot032 londonshoot033 londonshoot034 londonshoot035 londonshoot037 londonshoot038

The very last shot I took of Joslyn that day and I’d say it pretty much captures her personality in every way. Jos, you rock. Period. ; )


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