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Dear Bloggy, I love & miss you. Cross my heart.

Is this the busiest week of my life? Yes. Am I working a jillion hours a day to keep up with everything? Yes. Is my blog suffering for it? Yes. Are my faithful readers super patient with me? Double yes! Am I complaining? No. : ) I am SO grateful for all that is going on in my life but I truly feel like I am letting you down by not being able to get any good posts up this week yet! Ahhh, I feel like such a failure when I neglect my blog. I know that sounds ridiculous but I seriously NOT happy about it. Know that I am thinking of you Bloggy and I love you! I promise to have some good stuff very soon!! For now here is a teaser from a recent engagement shoot. More soon!

PS. To all of you who constantly comment or send me encouraging emails about reading this blog… THANK YOU ONE GAZILLION TIMES OVER. Seriously, you have no idea how much it means to me to hear that my little ‘ol blog is inspiring to you. THANK YOU. It makes my day. No… my life!!


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