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Angel + Brian :: Wedding

Someone pinch me. Please. Is this reality? Or a dream? I feel like I’m floating on cloud 9 as I think about my life and my incredible clients I am so blessed with. I love taking pictures… I absolutely LOVE what I do for a living. But what makes me love it even more are how amazing my clients are. Seriously… I love every single one of them. I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about how much they all mean to me. I feel like a goddess with each and every one because I am constantly treated like one. Angel and Brian are yet another example of two incredible people who exist on this planet and who give me another reason to love my job SO very much. When Angel first called me last year to talk about booking her wedding, I was all secretly to myself, “yes pick me, pick me!” — I am so not even kidding. There was just something about Angel that I knew I INSTANTLY loved. I knew right away we would get along great. I could not have been more right! She is truly an amazing person in every way, and if I had to pick two words to describe Angel they would be FABULOUS and ANGELIC. To be honest, before I met Brian I wondered if he would measure up to deserve such a lovely person. But after getting to know him at their engagement shoot, it wasn’t hard to see why Angel loved him so much and how absolutely perfect he was for her in every single way. He takes care of her and treats her like a queen and any guy who does that is A-OK in my book. ; )  Their engagement shoot is still one of my favorites to this day. (Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already!)

The big day finally arrived and it was perfect in every way. I am so incredibly honored I was able to be a part of these beautiful moments shared between such wonderful people. Thank you Angel and Brian SO VERY MUCH for allowing me to be a part of your story. I will never forget it as long as I live and I am truly humbled by your trust in me as your photographer. Thank you a million times over.

Please enjoy a few of my favorites from their beautiful love story:


Her dress is seriously to DIE for! It was bought at my favorite local bridal shop, Bustle. I absolutely love everything about it.


Angel wore two different sashes with the gown. The cream one for the ceremony and the grey/brown one for the reception… these accessories are definitely my favorite part about the gown.

lafayettewedding003 lafayettewedding002

Angel is seriously my kind of girl:




While I hung out with Angel as she got ready…


Michael hung out with the guys. He always fits right in with them and has a great way of making them feel like they aren’t just getting their picture taken. I love that. : )

lafayettewedding012 lafayettewedding009 lafayettewedding010


lafayettewedding013 lafayettewedding034

Angel and Brian opted to see each other before the ceremony (also known as a First Look), and you already know what I’m going to say… BEST DECISION for the wedding day! (Besides saying “I do”, duh!) I love that Angel included her stepdad in the moment by asking him to walk her to the awaiting groom.


I just LOVE this moment of anticipation! Michael got this picture…

lafayettewedding015 lafayettewedding016 lafayettewedding018

..and this one.

lafayettewedding017 lafayettewedding019

I mean seriously… look at these expressions! You can’t get this excited about seeing each other for the first time when you are in the front of everyone during the ceremony. It’s just such a beautiful moment that I love capturing.


Another reason the First Look is so great, is we get lots more time to walk around and take pictures of the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. without the added pressure of hurrying off to the reception.


What a beautiful couple!

lafayettewedding021 lafayettewedding023 lafayettewedding026 lafayettewedding024

Brian was so helpful with helping Angel with her dress while we walked around. I love it!


Angel, you really are an angel. Truly.

lafayettewedding028 lafayettewedding029

Love this:

lafayettewedding031 lafayettewedding027 lafayettewedding032 lafayettewedding030 lafayettewedding025

Angel decided to include her brother when getting escorted down the aisle to her beau and I thought it was quite fitting.

lafayettewedding035 lafayettewedding036

I always leave it up to Michael to get the cool full shots of the ceremony and he always does such a great job!

lafayettewedding037 lafayettewedding038 lafayettewedding039

I love bridal parties… they are always so much fun and this one was no exception of that.







Being introduced as husband and wife:


Michael got this shot of their first dance and I love it in so many ways.

lafayettewedding045 lafayettewedding046

Here Brian is thinking, “Wow, I am so lucky!” Did I get it right Brian? ; )


I loved all of the peacock styled details — so unique!!


One of the things I love about Angel and Brian is their height difference. Because Brian is so tall, Angel always has to look up to him which only allows her to express her adoration for him that much more in a photo.



Brian LOVES to dance and is quite good!! He is so much fun to watch. If you’re my facebook friend, you might remember seeing him in my bridal show recap video that I posted last summer. You can watch it here… fast forward to about 2.33 to watch him in action dancing for his bride to be! It’s totally worth watching!


Like I said… FABULOUS:

lafayettewedding050 lafayettewedding051The two lovebirds — you can’t help but fall in love with love more when you’re around them!

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