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breathe, just breathe

This past week I have been thinking so much about life. The start of the new year is a new beginning and I want to do things differently this year than I ever have before. There are things I need less of and things I need way more of. I am so excited about turning a chapter in my life and entering into a new season of change. I have become SO refreshed with a new outlook I have on life and I couldn’t be more happy about it. The future is so very bright! I feel like anything I want is at my fingertips, I just have to step out and grab it. I am SO excited about life.

As you may have noticed in some of my tweets and updates and also with a lack of posting on this blog, I am BUSY. I am not complaining about that whatsoever, but sometimes I admit I feel overwhelmed. I’m doing a good job at staying on top of everything, however there are so many things I’d like to be able to work on that I have no time for. Not to mention I have hardly any time left for my personal life and that’s never a good thing. With that being said, keep a lookout in the next month or so for when I announce that I am looking for a part-time assistant. I’ll be posting it on this blog and will have information about what I am looking for and such. I am super excited about finding someone! It’s truly going to be a great thing to help my business grow even more and I am thrilled about it!

Here is a little teaser from an engagement shoot that I will blogging next week. It makes me all warm inside. : ) Happy Friday!


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