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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is the big day… the day that I get to do WHATEVER I WANT and no one can say anything to me!! I love birthdays! Who doesn’t right? Well, except for the getting older part. I’d honestly be perfectly happy staying 25 forever! That was the age I was finally content with. Boo to getting older, but yay to getting wiser and becoming a better person! I guess getting older isn’t so bad. Three years from today I will be 30 years old… (yikes!) and there are a lot of things I would like to accomplish by then. So I decided to write a list of 100 things I would like to do before my 30th birthday. I am big dreamer and I fully intend on trying my hardest to accomplish every single one of them because none of them are impossible!

Here is my list:

1. open a full time boudoir studio
2. shoot a wedding in England
3. attend a really formal event such as a ball
4. blog everyday for 30 days in a row
5. have a boudoir client come back for her 3rd boudoir shoot
6. sell my motorcycle (2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250 if you’re interested!)
7. be featured in a fabulous wedding magazine
8. shoot a celebrity wedding
9. go to Europe for a month
10. hike the Inca Trail from Cusco to Machu Picchu (4 day adventure in Peru)
11. own a home
12. go to Thailand
13. organize a group of people to go to Peru to visit the orphanage there & play with the kids for a week
14. host a workshop for photographers
15. hire an assistant/mini-me
16. organize all my personal photos
17. start writing a book
18. get a promo video made
19. invent something fabulous
20. join a dance class
21. make a new BFF/kindred spirit
22. lose 25 pounds
23. do something to change someone else’s life in a drastically great way
24. meet my sponsor child (more on that soon)
25. go on more walks with my dog
26. read all of the Twilight books (shush it!)
27. have a wedding featured on Green Wedding Shoes blog. (already had a photo featured there once!)
28. shoot a wedding with Still Motion
29. find the perfect staff for the boudoir studio I open
30. write and direct a short movie
31. go on a photo road trip with a group of fun photographers
32. photograph someone who I admire
33. have a boudoir shoot done of myself!
34. own 20 different chandeliers in my studio : )
35. triple my blog traffic
36. blog everyday for 30 days in a row on my boudoir blog
37. add a FAQ page to my boudoir blog
38. have 5000 facebook friends
39. go to egypt
40. work out 5 days a week consistently
41. be featured/interviewed on a major national talk show
42. photograph a celebrity’s boudoir shoot
43. blog how I “fix” my hair
44. make a really cool craft, etsy worthy
45. have my name show up in google suggestions once you’ve typed in “courtney” (right now it shows up when you type “courtney d”)
46. meet the band RED and tell them how much their music inspires me
47. photograph one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels
48. be featured in a major magazine about my boudoir work
49. visit The Great Wall of China
50. get my boudoir site to show up in the top 10 sites when you google “boudoir”
51. double my income
52. donate a week of my time to a good cause
53. host a really awesome party for friends at either my studio or home that I will own
54. get married (fingers crossed!)
55. get every movie that I love watching over and over on DVD
56. discover more bands/music that I looooove
57. attend more concerts
58. start a family (fingers crossed again!!)
59. adopt a child. (okay that’s not going to happen by the time I’m 30, but I want it to happen someday)
60. spend more time doing personal things
61. be invited to fly on someone’s private plane
62. be asked to speak at a photography convention
63. take more personal photos
64. make a photo book of the 30 years of my life
65. get a book published of my best boudoir work
66. shoot a wedding in L.A.
67. get new photos taken of myself for my website/blog
68. have a whole room in my home dedicated to a gallery of my favorite photos
69. go back to Paris
70. paint a wall pink either in my studio or home
71. buy a vintage couch
72. get 2000 Twitter followers
73. design another tattoo
74. get rid of things I don’t need anymore
75. get some black UGGS
76. get dressed up & wear heels 7 days in a row
77. host a party for my boudoir clients (past, present and future)
78. get another dog (on the fence about that one!)
79. fill up my passport with stamps
80. shoot a vintage-styled wedding (any takers? ; )
81. shoot a vintage-styled engagement shoot (any takers? : )
82. get my savings account to where I want it
83. write a letter- an actual letter to someone
84. host a party for local photographers
85. get my name legally changed to make Courtney my 1st name instead of 2nd
86. have a closet full of accessories for my boudoir clients to use
87. find the perfect lawyer for all my legal mumbo jumbo
88. get my blog professionally redesigned
89. donate my hair to Locks of Love (ooo that one makes me nervous!)
90. collaborate with an amazing interior designer for my boudoir studio
91. get letterpress for both my wedding and boudoir businesses
92. swim in the ocean (I’m scared of drowning!)
93. shoot my 500th boudoir session
94. surprise an old friend with an unexpected visit
95. conquer a fear
96. get packaging specially designed and branded for my boudoir products
97. spend a whole day on a boat in some exotic part of the world
98. do a favor for a friend in need
99. spend a whole day doing absolutely
100. have an amazing and huge 30th birthday party!

That’s my ‘lil ‘ol list. : ) Nothing to it right?

And because posts are better with photos…. here is a photo that I shot when I was living in Peru for 6 months in 2007 of a perfect rainbow around the sun. It reminds me that life is full of promise and we really can live our lives to their fullest potentials. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!


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