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a heartfelt message from my bride

Have I mentioned how much I love my brides? They are the RADDEST BRIDES EVER. Just sayin’. This past weekend, one of my amazing brides, Pam was married to her groom, Anthony. The wedding was beyond fabulous and I can’t wait to share her photos with you soon. What I am writing to you today about is the fact that the DAY AFTER her wedding (this past Sunday), Pam took the time to send me a message that truly brought tears to my eyes. I was completely floored by her thoughtfulness to take the time to share her heart with me about her experience with me as her wedding AND boudoir photographer. She was kind enough to give me permission to share her email with you.

I could never in a million years express what hearing this does for me. I take such huge pride in not only my art, but in making sure that my clients feel special, and taken care of. It means the world to hear praises and I cherish every single word in the deepest part of my heart. Thank you so much to Pam and all of my amazing clients who are constantly showing me such warmth, love and trust. I adore you all.

“So I am actually starting to get teary eyed thinking of how to thank you! I don’t remember exactly how I found your site, but when I did, I said to myself, this chic is truly a hidden treasure!! Probably not hidden, I just didn’t know about you! From the first time seeing our engagement photos on the blog, I have been singing your praises to everyone I know. Thank you for setting your blog up so that every can see everything you do because I never would have known about a boudoir shoot! The first look was truly amazing! I was initially on the fence about it, so I let Anthony read everything other grooms had written about it, and he made the final decision. I asked him this morning how he felt about it, and he said “I would recommend it to everyone”. I never had much time alone with him the rest of the night, so that intimate moment was amazing! And to be able to see the look on his face opening is gift,, that was truly priceless! If we would not have done the first look, I would never have seen him and known truly how excited he was! And we also have that moment captured now in awesome photos! So kudos to you for stressing this to brides! Also, thanks for making me feel so comfortable in my boudoir shoot!! I was nervous, as I’m sure everyone is, but i warmed up! I felt great bc hair and makeup was awesome! You really know how to capture not only what the girl wants, but what the guy might like. I let Anthony see all the photos online today, and his words were “oh baby, we gonna order some more of these… I’m gonna have a book of just ass shots!” lol!! Thanks to you and Dierdre for being patient with me, i do realize I can be indecisive and change my mind often. It is just so amazing to have vendors you can just put trust in and relax, and you were one of the people who I just trusted and I know everything will be great! I hope God continues to bless you to be so amazing at what you do, and to remain such an humble and beautiful person, inside and out! I think you and Deirdre truly compliment each other as a team! She actually made Anthony feel very comfortable also, (maybe it was the Hennessy, lol). I cant thank you enough… The only sad part is that you don’t do children photos and things like that so we can have you as our lifelong photographer for everything. But you have found your niche!!! May God forever bless and keep you!!! -Pam”

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