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This is why I love what I do

Today I received this email from Lori (whose wedding photos are in the previous post) and it just reminded me how amazing my clients really are! Emails like this one are truly mind blowing because I never thought I’d be given the opportunity to have such an impact on others – and I couldn’t be happier because of it. Thank so much Lori for making my day!

I can’t really tell you how amazed I am. I knew you would do a beautiful job but what you put on the blog is just amazing!! I am sooo happy I went with my gut, and who made me feel most at ease. We really did hit it off sooooo good, and that is how I have explained it to anyone who asks me how I found a photographer! I had talked to so many, and it was sooo blah.  Then I talked to you and when we got off the phone I felt like I had made a new friend. Thank you so much for all the time it takes to do your job so well! It is soooo worth every bit of it, and it is so cool that it is something that you can share with everyone. While I was looking at the blog I got about half way through and I was teary eyed with joy!
So great. I can’t wait to see them all.
Thanks and much love!

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