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Lindsey + Nick :: Wedding (Houmas House Plantation)

When Lindsey and Nick contacted me all the way from New Jersey to let me know they were planning their destination wedding to Louisiana, I was just thrilled!!! I have several couples who live in other states that come to Louisiana to marry, but it’s usually because they have family here or some connection to this state. Not Lindsey and Nick. They didn’t know anyone here but were drawn to our beautiful Southern Plantations and since Lindsey is from Florida they thought Louisiana would be the perfect spot for their closest friends and family to gather and celebrate their big moment. I loved this. They flew in for their engagement shoot this past fall (which you can see here! <– some of my favorite pictures!) and after getting to know them I just could not wait to shoot their wedding!! They chose one of my ABSOLUTE favorite locations in the south… Houmas House Plantation. The day was amazing and I LOVE how the photos turned out. I will let them tell you the story of this beautiful wedding between two beautiful people.

Thank you Lindsey and Nick … I know how important photos are to both of you, so this was SUCH an honor. I only hope I did your memories justice. Thank you for everything!!!! I hope to see you again!! xoxo

The beautiful bride preparing to see her groom!!

There are SEVERAL things I love about Houmas House… but one of my favorites is how much they cater to the groom and his groomsmen. Not many venues (if any) do that. Houmas House has this adorable little bar called the Turtle Bar which is air conditioned and perfect for the guys to hang out while the girls get ready. MAN BONDING TIME YA KNOW.

Nick and Lindsey are very wise people and opted to do a First Look before the ceremony. VERY WISE. ; )  BEST DECISION EVER. Deirdre captured this angle as Lindsey made her way to see Nick. I always LOVE this moment because you can just feel the anticipation in the air. I’m getting antsy just writing this!!

SIIIIIIIGH…. I just love the First Look. You just can’t get this intimacy any other time of the day. This is your only chance to have a private moment together. Well, I mean, I am there but don’t worry… I always work my magic NINJA DISAPPEARING skills and you won’t even see me there. No really…. try me.

Seriously, SIIIIIIIIGH. I love couples that are truly in looooovveeee.

After taking some time to snap photos of the beautiful couple, we did some bridal party photos so we would have more time after the ceremony to enjoy the festivities.

James Bond much?

Beautiful ladies.

Lindsey and Nick’s wedding was held Easter weekend and while I was walking around the grounds I made a new friend, the EASTER BUNNY!!!!! He was so cute and hopped right up to me and told me he wanted his photo taken. Yep.

Okay, so again… not only does Houmas House have that super cool bar for the guys… they also have a POOL ROOM for them!!! While they are waiting for the big moment, they will always entertain themselves with a few games and I just think that is super rad.

And now ladies and gentlemen, for the big moment…

BEAUTIFUL Lindsey waiting for her father to walk her down the aisle. Thanks to Deirdre for capturing this lovely shot.

One of my favorite local harpists, Ashley Toman, was there to show us her beautiful talent and set the mood for the ceremony.


And this one… pure candidness… and LOVE.

After a few celebratory hugs and kisses… we shot a few family photos.

And then took some time to shoot a few more photos as the sun began to set. LOVE this one:

Cocktail Hour:

After toasting it was time to par-tay! And party they did. : )

Up north the tossing of the garter isn’t quite as common, so I thought it was extremely funny how excited the guys were to catch it.

Deirdre captured this really sweet moment between the happy couple and I love it.

The End of a beautiful day!! But the beginning of a beautiful marriage. Congrats Nick and Lindsey!!!

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