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Jennifer + James :: Wedding

I absolutely adore everything about Jennifer and James. From the very first email I received from Jennifer down to the moment they took off to their honeymoon and all the moments in between, they have been WONDERFUL to me. It amazes me how well my clients treat me and these two were no exception from that. I was SO PROUD and honored to be “the one” to document their big day and I am so grateful God brought them both into my life. They are both such genuinely good people with deep values that they display in everything they do. They are the kind of people you want to spend time with in hopes that their demeanor will rub off on you some. Jennifer and James are truly angels and their halos shine so brightly. I first saw this when I shot their engagement photos and when James took the time to write me this personal note.

The wedding was amazing from beginning to end. They are both SO easy to work with and there was literally no stress the entire day. The event was held at one of my absolute favorite Southern venues, Dunleith Plantation in Natchez, Mississippi. Everything was perfect and I am so excited to show you just a glimpse into this amazing day.

Jennifer and James: Thank you thank you thank you SO VERY MUCH from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. I will never ever forget how amazing you have both been in every way and how much you believed in me to capture your memories. I heart you big big!! *HUGS* Never change.


Not gonna lie, I dig this ring shot.

dunleithplantation004 dunleithplantation001

Damask and hot pink? Um, I love Jennifer!


Jennifer CLEARLY has amazing style and taste. Look at these beautiful shoes!!!

dunleithplantation002 dunleithplantation003 dunleithplantation005

The stunning bride getting ready to see her future husband!


The groom and his brother.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, Jennifer is pretty awesome. But if you’re not convinced yet just check out the gift she got for James. Umm, if I was a guy I’d marry Jennifer too!!  ; )


She is truly lovely in every way and deserves to hear it over and over!


Time for the FIRST LOOK!

dunleithplantation010 dunleithplantation011 dunleithplantation012 dunleithplantation013

Oh yeah, he was getting a little choked up and I loved it.


I’ve been giving Jennifer props but it’s time that you hear how awesome James is. He is such a gentleman and obviously so loving and respectful of Jennifer. I absolutely love watching how he interacts with her and how amazingly he treats her.

dunleithplantation015 dunleithplantation016

I seriously wish I could stick them in my pocket and carry them with me all the time. You can’t help but feel happy when you are with them.

dunleithplantation018 dunleithplantation019 dunleithplantation020 dunleithplantation021 dunleithplantation022 dunleithplantation023 dunleithplantation024

Their wedding party consisted of some of the cutest and most well behaved kids I have seen.

dunleithplantation025 dunleithplantation027 dunleithplantation028

Wedding time!

dunleithplantation029 dunleithplantation030 dunleithplantation031 dunleithplantation032 dunleithplantation033 dunleithplantation034 dunleithplantation035 dunleithplantation036

Dunleith Plantation is truly gorgeous in every way. Everything is set up so perfectly and they are always so coordinated and on top of things. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a fabulous Southern venue. This was my 4th wedding there and every time I fall more in love with it.


First dance as husband and wife.

dunleithplantation038 dunleithplantation039

After the dance we snapped a few more photos of the happy couple!

dunleithplantation040 dunleithplantation041 dunleithplantation042

After a quick outfit change on the bride’s part, it was time to party!

dunleithplantation043 dunleithplantation044

…and party they did!! I love when everyone is having a good time at the reception.

dunleithplantation045 dunleithplantation046 dunleithplantation047 dunleithplantation048Sigh. I am in love with what I do. I can’t believe I actually get to be a part of so many people’s fairytales. I am so lucky and proud to be a photographer. I am in love... truly in love with being able to capture love stories. Thank you God for blessing me with this gift and for pouring so much love into my heart because I know it’s only because of you that I am running so high in love and that I am even able to do what I do. Thank you.

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