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Danielle + Jason :: Wedding

Where oh where shall I start with this post… Danielle and Jason are truly one of a kind. From the moment I shook their hands until the day they said “I do”, they have made me feel like a goddess… queen… princess… all in one. Every time I have spoken to either of them or been in their presence, they were always so sure to see to it that I felt special. I’m all like, “Hey wait a second! I’m the one supposed to be doing that for you!” Really though, they make me feel like I am the most amazing photographer and person in the whole world. Even though I know it’s not true, I love that they make me feel like it on a constant basis! I feel like royalty when I am around them and I’m not gonna lie, it’s an amazing feeling. I constantly feel like my heart is soaring after each wedding. I leave each one asking myself the same question each time, “Wow, how is it possible that I am this lucky? How is it that these people with beautiful hearts come into my life?” I have said this before but every one of my couples inspire me… and I mean it. Danielle and Jason are two of the sweetest, kindest and genuine people I have met. They might just be angels walking on earth. Just spending two minutes with them makes you want to be a better person. They both truly appreciate life and each other and it SHOWS big time.

The wedding day arrived and everything from beginning to end was memorable and perfect. I could go on and on about it but I will just let you enjoy the photos. Be sure to check out their engagement photos here and read just another reason why I adore these two.

Danielle and Jason, you know how I feel about you two! You’re both so amazing. Please never stop blessing the world with your beautiful hearts and outlook on life. You’re both truly inspiring! XOXO


Okay I am going to start this off with saying… be prepared to be jealous! As if Jason isn’t a nice enough guy enough in general, he definitely scored more points with me when Danielle showed me her wedding gifts from him. Gift #1… Manolo Blahniks. Um HELLO! Wait it gets better…

houmashouse002 houmashouse004

Gift #2: A key chain of different car keys so she could pick out which one she wanted when they got back from the honeymoon. I OFFICIALLY stopped liking her at that very moment. ; )

houmashouse003 houmashouse005

Michael captured the groom getting ready…


…while I was with the beautiful and ecstatic bride.

houmashouse010 houmashouse007 houmashouse008 houmashouse009

I love this shot Michael got of the groomsmen hanging out.


They decided to see each other before the ceremony (also known as a First Look) to rid of all those nerves and share a very special and private moment between each other before getting in front of all their guests.

houmashouse012 houmashouse013

First Looks are always such amazing moments that I am SO honored to be a part of. I love witnessing love.


Love this! Michael captured a tear right before it rolled down her cheek.

houmashouse015 houmashouse016

Look how happy they are!

houmashouse017 houmashouse018 houmashouse019 houmashouse021 houmashouse020 houmashouse022 houmashouse023 houmashouse024 houmashouse025 houmashouse026

Another rockin’ reason for the First Look is not only do we have time to get TONS more pictures of the bride and groom together, but the bridal party photos and sometimes the family photos can be done before hand as well! Which eliminates so much time after the ceremony for taking group photos and gets the bride and groom to the reception MUCH sooner. Danielle and Jason were able to enjoy their cocktail hour because they did the FL. I’ll say it again and again, the 2nd best decision of your wedding day (the 1st being hiring me, DUH! haha), is doing a First Look. It makes everything much less stressful.

houmashouse027 houmashouse028 houmashouse029

Houmas House was looking PERFECT as the ceremony began.


This is one of my favorite photos from the day… Jason giving Danielle an adoring look as she arrived to meet him with her father.

houmashouse031 houmashouse032 houmashouse033 houmashouse034 houmashouse035 houmashouse036

This was how they were ALL night and I was loving every single minute of it.

houmashouse037 houmashouse038 houmashouse039

This photo is PRICELESS. I love their expressions!!

houmashouse040 houmashouse041 houmashouse042 houmashouse043

The couple and guests were on the dance floor the entire reception. The band, The Bucktown All Stars, ROCKED the house and never let a dull moment happen.


Ah, sweet love:


Even after the grand exit, everyone decided to have an impromptu party on the front lawn of Houmas House. It lasted about 15 minutes and was a complete blast. Everyone was having so much fun that no one wanted it to end.


Thank you again Danielle and Jason for everything. You are beautiful!

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