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Hello Cyberworld! It’s a fabulous day here in Southern Louisiana and as I pack and prepare for my trip to Grand Rapids & Chicago for the boudoir marathons I will be hosting this weekend, I wanted to take a quick moment to say hello and blog a few more random things that I just love! This post may completely bore you to tears, but hey if you’re sitting at work surfing the web this may be the perfect way to waste some time. ; )

So first up: I have recently signed up to Netflix and ummmm where has this been all my life? Why hasn’t anyone made me sign up to this sooner? Why is Blockbuster still in business? Dude, Netflix rocks! It’s like 9 bucks a month and you can watch all the movies you want?? Um yes please! They even let you watch some movies online — annnnd when you send one back you get the next one in your queue a couple of days later. It’s amazing and I love it! So I know you’ve heard of Netflix, but if you haven’t signed up yet — do it. You will love it!

Secondly: there is this one girl that I just ADORE. She is fun, sweet, friendly, fabulous and an all around angel! The girl I’m referring to is Joslyn Davis. I met her last April in ParisĀ  – we hit it off big time because I love her spunk and positive attitude on life. Her laughter is contagious and just spending a little time with her will make you want to be more excited about life. She is just.plain.awesome. She is a model in the L.A. area and also a host of ClevverTV — an interactive celebrity gossip blog. So once you’re done reading my boring little post for the day and you need something else to read, head over and indulge your secret need to know what’s going on in Hollywood. ; ) Be sure to watch some of Joslyn’s videos, as that’s my favorite part. I promise you’ll adore her as much as I do. I heart you girl! Can’t wait to come visit again so we can hang out!

Third: A few days ago I tweeted about my bride surprising me with hot pink Converse Chuck Taylors when I arrived that morning to begin documenting her big day. I’ve seriously worn them everyday since. She even was sneaky enough to find out my shoe size and they fit perfectly! The best thing is I have been wanting them for a while now but have never seen them sold in stores anywhere. I don’t think she even knew that. I was completely shocked and blown away when she handed them over. I NEVER expect gifts from my clients, but I’m not gonna lie… it’s so touching when I do!! I couldn’t believe how thoughtful her and her groom were to think of me and go out of their way to get me these! I LOVE THEM! I will be blogging their wedding photos very soon and you will see WHY exactly they gave me chucks. : ) It went quite perfectly with their theme.

Happy Wednesday Internet Peeps!


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