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a window into my heart

I am super proud of the following Newlywed session. Landon & Britt are not only gorgeous, but are amazing and were up for anything I wanted them to do! I wanted this shoot to be fun and different and really stretch my creativity. I was highly inspired the day we shot their pictures… the passion was oozing out of my heart and straight through my camera. At every shoot I really try my best to dig deep into the depths of my soul and pull out all my dreams and emotions and then capture it through others in my photographs. Every time you look at one of my photographs, you are seeing a window into my heart. It’s my desire to capture your heart with my art and not only tell my story, but the story of countless others. 

With that being said…  I must warn you, this session was one of the most passionate and steamy I’ve done… so be prepared for some sexiness in this post!! I hope you enjoy the pictures!

All the hairpieces are created and handmade by the FABULOUS Lo from LoBoheme. She is SO talented!! I was blown away by her work. Please be sure to check her out if you’re looking to have a hairpiece or netted veil made for your wedding. She is absolutely amazing and a pleasure to work with. 



brittland003 brittland005 brittland006

brittland010 brittland011 brittland012 brittland013 brittland014 brittland015

LOVE everything about this one!


brittland016 brittland017

brittland018 brittland019 brittland020 brittland021

Absolutely beautiful. Sigh.

brittland022 brittland023

Definitely one of my favorites. I love how safe she looks in his protective arms.

brittland024 brittland025 landon01 brittland026 brittland027 brittland028 brittland029 landon0005 brittland030

Thank you to my fabulous assistants Tiffany & Chasity for coming along, making us laugh a lot, and being a great help! You guys rock.


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