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be inspired.

Last night as I was watching my favorite TV show, Grey’s Anatomy… something was said in the script that truly captivated me. Thank goodness I was DVRing it because I rewound it over 10 times just to listen to this particular part over and over again. Never has anything been said on that show that inspired me so much. It’s a great show full of edgy drama that keeps you wanting more and more, yes. But this time it was different. One of their patients (who happens to also be on their staff at the hospital), was just about to be put under for surgery on an inoperable tumor in his spine when he looks up at his doubtful and worried surgeon (Dr. Shepherd) and tells him something that shook my inner core. It reminded me that sometimes we are going to face difficulties in our lives that may seem at times impossible to get through. Hardships that are so painful we don’t think we’ll even survive until tomorrow. There’s just no way we’ll make it to the other side. But the character Isaac in the show spoke the most beautiful words that are so incredibly true. He said: beinspiredInspiration can come from facing something hard in your life. Every time a storm comes your way, you have a decision to make. You can take the easy way out and surrender yourself to it, risking the chance of losing a part of yourself. Or you can take it head on and say, “you know what? This won’t be easy, but I am determined that no matter what happens, I will fight til the very end and not give up. I will BE INSPIRED by this obstacle and use it for good in my life.” I want to always be that person. I know that life will not always be perfect, but I want to remember that no matter what comes my way, I CAN be inspired by it. Life is what you make it – I believe that with all of my being. I want to be inspired by the good AND the bad.

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