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Alex + Jason :: Wedding

When I met with Alex over a year ago to talk about her wedding, we just clicked instantly! We both felt like the perfect fit for another and I have been looking forward to her wedding ever since. We faced a few conflicts when trying to get her date booked, but through it all, Alex showed patience, determination and is a true angel in my book! Not only was she amazing through our obstacles, but she planned her entire Louisiana wedding to be held at White Oak Plantation while living in Charlotte, NC for vet school. The woman just rocks, plain and simple.

I didn’t get the chance to meet Jason until the wedding but instantly I could see why Alex loved him. His sense of humor, laid back attitude and genuine spirit was nothing short of awesome! They met each other 8 years ago in dairy science class at college. They became friends quickly and about 2 years later it was obvious they were a perfect match and have been together ever since. My favorite thing about them is how passionate they are about having FUN. Neither one of them ever stopped smiling or laughing the entire event and I can’t help but be completely and totally inspired by that.

Alex and Jason, thank you so much for inviting me to your wedding and giving me the huge honor of capturing it. Good luck with everything and NEVER STOP HAVING FUN! I look forward to seeing you both in March for your Newlywed shoot!


Alex’s beautiful dress from Bustle.

weddingphotographer0002 weddingphotographer0003 weddingphotographer0004

I love this shot of Alex. Simply gorgeous.

weddingphotographer0005 weddingphotographer0006 weddingphotographer0007

Jason looking quite handsome.

weddingphotographer0008 weddingphotographer0009

The ceremony was lovely but about 5 minutes into it, it started sprinkling. You can see it slowly begin here…

weddingphotographer0010 weddingphotographer0011

The rain started to get heavier but I absolutely LOVE how it turned out in this shot! How cool is that?

weddingphotographer0012 weddingphotographer0013 weddingphotographer0014

Look at those beautiful smiles – this is truly how they were the entire evening! I love LOVE!

weddingphotographer0015 weddingphotographer0016

So it turned out the best man was quite the entertainer/performer. Towards the middle of the reception he let completely loose on the dance floor and showed us what he had. I couldn’t resist posting a couple. Here he is doing his “Elvis” impersonation.



The bride and groom had SO much fun together the whole night. I love it when couples interact with each other most of the reception.

weddingphotographer0019 weddingphotographer0020

The best man busted out a washboard… yes a WASHBOARD… with toothbrushes to play along with some of the Cajun songs the DJ played that night. That was definitely a first and super cool! Alex and Jason decided to give it a try!

weddingphotographer0021 weddingphotographer0022

This is truly only a glimpse of the entire night. They were hilarious to watch!




The end to a fabulous night!


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