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Italy – Venice

Ah, Venice. There are no words!! But I am going to try and come up with some. : ) Venice is only an hour away from Verona by train. So I decided to take the train to this romantic city on water for a day. I knew I would like Venice, but I had no idea how much I would love it. Let me just say, photos will never do this city justice. You have to be there… you have to experience it and you have to feel the love and romance in the air. This city is truly STUNNING. If you go to Italy, visit it. It’s definitely a beautiful sight to see and feel. There is just something so magical about the entire city being on water. It’s incredible. Having to travel everywhere by boat is just cool. I’m really happy I included it as part of my trip and cannot wait to go back. The only bad side is it’s extreeeemely expensive. Oh yes, they know they have a beautiful city and it’s going to cost ya if you want to enjoy it. $14 for a glass bottle of Sprite that was as tall as my hand. NO JOKE. Ridiiiiic. Besides that, Venice was amazing. Truly romantic, stunning and magical.

Venice is home to St. Mark’s Basilica, which is soo soo breathtaking.

But of COURSE I had to take a gondola ride while there… Venice wouldn’t be complete without one.

As my day in Venice came to an end, I hopped onto a train back to Verona and said goodbye to this beautiful city of love. And said, “I’ll be back Venezia!”

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