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Yearly Archives: 2009

When I quit my “Monday through Friday, 9-5” job a year ago to pursue my own business full time, I was scared. No, I was scurred… I had no idea if I would make it or if anyone would even hire little ‘ol me to photograph their special moments.  I honestly bet myself that after […]

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There are so many love stories that I adore. But I’m not going to lie, the story between Edward and Bella is truly one of my favorites for many reasons. I’ll admit when the Twilight craze first began, I was not interested at all. I didn’t see the first movie until several months after it […]

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Last night as I was watching my favorite TV show, Grey’s Anatomy… something was said in the script that truly captivated me. Thank goodness I was DVRing it because I rewound it over 10 times just to listen to this particular part over and over again. Never has anything been said on that show that […]

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