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Italy – Verona (part 1)

So when I planned my trip to Italy, I knew Verona was a must. The hopeless romantic I am… I definitely had to experience the romantic city of Romeo and Juliet. I had a feeling Verona would be very quaint and boy was I right. Let me just tell you something about me… I love huge cities just like anyone… but I ADORE ADORE small quaint towns. There is always just something so so special about them. I hopped on a train in Rome and made my way to this amazing town called VERONA… which ended up being my favorite town I visited on my trip to Italy.

As soon as I arrived and dropped off my bags at the hotel, I went straight to the Casa Di Gulietta. Juliet’s House. I knew it would be one of my favorite things I saw in Verona and I was right. It was everything I imagined and more.

Locks of love.

The Piazza Del Erbe is right around the corner from Juliet’s home and I was immediately in love with it’s quaintness galore.

It it filled with outdoor restaurants, a fountain, markets and so much more.

After dinner in the Piazza, I strolled around a little longer to see what I could find.

The next day I walked around the entire town and loved every minute of it. Enjoy the next series of photos…

I came across this street called “Viale Della Fiera” which means “Avenue of the Fair” and just about died. It’s SO close to my last name (which means “of the flower”. I thought that was neat.

Beautiful Verona.

Next up… Venice! And by the way, there is a part two of Verona… coming up after Venice. It includes Juliet’s Tomb and more!

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