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Oh, 2014

You have been wonderful to me. So wonderful. So many amazing things took place this year and I am grateful for every single one.

I also made some huge decisions this year about my life and career. It has a lot to do with the above. But also because I am ready for a little change. I am SO excited about these new decisions and will be sharing them with the world on January 12th, just a couple of weeks away. EEK. I will give you a little hint about part of the news:


Another favorite moment of this year for me personally was when I decided to raise funds for my friends Bobby and Lindsay Earle. You can read their story here. When Bobby first shared his story on FB, I balled my eyes out. I felt overwhelming compassion for this family and immediately wanted to help in some way. My first thought was I wanted to raise money to help them with their astronomical medical bills. I decided to create a gofundme account and post it on my social media and on his page so his friends could see it. I was BLOWN AWAY by the response to this need. Within 48 hours I raised almost $40,000. I could not believe it. I was honestly hoping to raise around 10k but people just kept donating and I kept thanking God. Overall, people donated over $51,000 for Bobby and Lindsay. I am so inspired by the people’s generosity and goodness. And I know that it not only helped them financially in more ways than one, but also inspired them that there is hope. Lindsay wrote me a very sweet letter afterwards expressing her gratitude. It was all I needed to know that everyone’s efforts had blessed them. So if you are one of those amazing people who donated or left them an encouraging comment, thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you abundantly.


This year I finally began writing my story. Which is actually turning into a book. I’ve typed over 15,000 words so far, and have so many thousands to go still. But I am soooo excited to finally make this happen. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time but never felt ready. So grateful that God finally gave me the strength and motivation to do it. And I cannot wait to share it with you sometime in early 2015 I hope. I still need to figure out what the name of this book will be though. Hmm….

Those are just a few highlights of this year. There were so many things I am so thankful for including my amazing staff and wonderful clients. I am so blessed.

2015 is going to be a really amazing year. I have so many goals and plans and huge steps towards my future. I can’t wait to start this new year and new chapter.

Thank you God for every thing you do for me. I am forever grateful.

  • HillaryDecember 26, 2014 - 4:53 pm

    I hope that sunset photo means you’re moving to Cali!ReplyCancel

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