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Big Dreams

Even though I have accomplished so much already, I feel like I haven’t even begun to reach my truest and greatest potential in life. Since I was 15, I have known I was meant for greatness. Right now I am just building the foundation for what I believe God has created me to do and to be. I have so many dreams and ideas for things I want to accomplish and lives I want to change. Sometimes I feel as though I am going to burst because there is so much inside of me that is dying to get out. I have to constantly remind myself ONE STEP AT A TIME.

For the past 6 years I have been making steps to building my future. I began my own company, and watched it grow more and more successful each year. I have accomplished and learned so much during this time but I always knew it was only the beginning to what God really had planned for my life. I have always had a deeper yearning for so much more, but knew I needed to spend my time focusing and building this first big step of my journey. For it has all been a part of what I know is the bigger plan.

In the last week I have made some pretty huge decisions about my life. Decisions I knew I would need to make someday. I didn’t expect that I would make them now… but I just felt in my heart NOW was the time to decide. I am beyond excited and peaceful about my new plans and goals.  I feel extremely peaceful about it and believe it is truly the next big and scary step for me to take in fulfilling my destiny in life. Nothing major will change for at least a year, but just knowing I have a plan in motion is more than enough for me now.

Thank you God for your inspiration. The best is yet to come.


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