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Geisha Boudoir

As you have possibly heard me say before, it is so important to me as an artist to “paint” my own pieces from time to time. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE my clients and I adore photographing each one of them. But every now and then, I need to create something that is just for me. I am such a dreamer, always fantasizing things in my mind that I want to portray in images. Creating my own shoots also really helps me push myself to be better as an artist. And so I would like to share with you today, another piece of my heart.

I have always loved the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha” and wanted to portray a geisha in boudoir form. I think geisha girls are so stunningly beautiful and completely intriguing. To be a geisha you had to be so feminine in every way. This inspires me so much as I constantly strive to be more feminine in everything I do. I believe as women we have an incredible gift of being able to be feminine and lovely. Not just with the way we look, but with the way we speak and carry ourselves. Inspiration to be feminine can come in many forms. And I was truly thrilled to display it through a boudoir geisha.

I will be honest, this shoot made me so nervous. And I never get nervous for any shoot. But this one sort of scared me a little. It was completely out of my comfort zone. I just wanted so badly to be sure I portrayed a geisha properly and did this shoot justice. I can say with all of my heart, that I am SO SO SO proud of myself for this one. I am in love these photos. The shoot was so beautiful in every way. I truly felt a part of the Asian culture and completely forgot I was in America for the moment. It was as if we had sailed away to Japan for the day. I never wanted it to end.

I couldn’t have created this without the help of Brandi, one of our stylists here at the studio. I asked her if she would be willing to also step out of her comfort zone a little in helping me create the “look” of a geisha girl. She agreed, and completely NAILED my vision with hair and makeup. I believe this shoot helped us both grow tremendously as artists and I am so grateful to have had Brandi be a part of this. I asked my friend Amy to model as our geisha girl. Words cannot ever express what an amazing job she did portraying a geisha. She was stunning. Not only how she looked, but how she moved and carried herself throughout the shoot. I am forever grateful to her for helping my dream come to life.

Thank you to my amazing Deirdre for bringing us sushi for lunch and for all the wonderful behind the scenes things you do. We love you!

Shoot styling: Courtney Dellafiora (me!)
Hair/Makeup: Brandi
Model: Amy
Lingerie: Agent Provocateur + Victoria’s Secret

Hit play on this video to enjoy beautifully stunning music from Memoirs of a Geisha while you view the photos. : )

  • Kristin H.August 6, 2012 - 11:47 pm

    What a stunning photo shoot. I loved having the music playing too!ReplyCancel

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