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Bethany + Jesse

August 9, 2013

This past Friday I was in California for my best friend, Bethany’s wedding. It was such a special memory, as I got to be her maid of honor for this extremely beautiful occasion. I was absolutely thrilled to stand at her side and support her on her special day. She and I have spoken of her wedding day for yearssss…. even way before either of us were old enough to have a serious relationship. I can’t even express in words how much it meant to be a part of it and how truly beautiful the entire day was.

The day started with just me and Bethany. I went with her to her hair and makeup appt and then we dashed to her hotel to get dressed. We were running behind with time because her hair/makeup appt lasted longer than it should have, so we both literally got dressed and ready in 10 minutes and then got picked up by a car together and headed to the venue. It was the fastest I have ever seen a bride and maid of honor get ready in my life. Haha… it was epic. But super special because it was just us two. No one else. Bethany and I have shared hundreds of adventures together and I feel like this was just another one to add to our list. We loved it. We were laughing the whole way to the venue.

It was the most gorgeous day in Cali and when we arrived to the venue, everything was set up and just stunning. Both of our jaws dropped as we saw everything and Bethany immediately started tearing up. Let me just say, this girl worked SO HARD the last few months to create a vision that was perfect for her and Jesse. She did it on an extremely limited budget. I have obviously seen hundreds of weddings and I was honestly just so blown away and impressed with what Bethany created on what she had to work with. I seriously have the MOST talented and creative friends in the world. I am still just so proud of her.

It was First Look time for her and Jesse. I walked her to the location and then let her go… she was practically running and jumping the whole way there. I could not keep this girls feet on the ground. She was the happiest and most giddy bride I’ve ever seen and she could not wait to see her groom. It was SO CUTE.

It was not only so special to be a part of her day, but it was super amazing for me to experience being IN a wedding instead of working it. Her photographer did a great job and I was just having so much fun getting to be a part of this day. The ceremony was PERFECT. Her brother and father directed and conducted the ceremony and another bridesmaid sang a beautiful, soft version of The Beatles’ “I want to hold your hand” while they had an intimate communion. The bride and groom fought tears the entire ceremony. It was amazing to witness my best friend committing her life to her best friend and man she truly loves and who truly loves her back.

The reception was absolutely perfect as well. Everything was just great. I loved every moment and my favorite part was how much Bethany and Jesse were enjoying it. They were so happy and having SO much fun and it made my heart so so happy to see.

The best man and I each gave a speech. Below is mine.

If there is one thing I have learned in life, it’s that true, real friendship is like a rare exquisite jewel. It’s beauty is priceless. When you find it, you cherish it deeply for you know just how special it truly is. For there is nothing quite like a true friend. 

Bethany came into my life when she was 11 yrs old. Even though I was 5 years older than her, we hit it off instantly. We were two peas in a pod. Sisters immediately.  We were together every chance we got. We would spent countless hours sharing our hopes and dreams and many more laughing about silly things no one else thought was funny.

Bethany’s intelligence and witty humor were what drew me to her instantly but even more than that, it was her beautiful heart. Something I knew was there from day one. She possessed talent and wit beyond her years, but her ability to show compassion and constant unselfishness was inspiring. She was the type of person you always wanted to be around because if she wasn’t making you laugh, she was pushing you to be a better person with her constant words of encouragement. 

We have grown closer and closer over all these years and everyday that passes, I am truly more and more grateful that God allowed us to cross paths so many years ago. Bethany has always been there for me and for so many others. I know she was created with a heart of gold and I am so happy she found Jesse because she certainly deserves all the love in the world. 

Jesse, I have truly enjoyed getting to know you and seeing how deeply you love my Bethany Rose. It’s pretty obvious you were both meant for each other. Every time Bethany has spoken of you, she has always bragged about how good you are and what a kind heart you have. I can completely see that as well.  It makes my heart so happy to know Bethany found you, a man who shares the same heart of gold she has. You are both so full of love, and you deserve all the happiness life brings you. 

Bethany it has been so indescribably amazing to watch you grow into the exquisite woman you are. I am beyond honored to be here and to be your friend for life. I love you. 

I wish you both the most amazing life… The greatest adventure. Always remember to put God first, then each other. Bethany remember to respect your husband and Jesse never forget to love your wife. If you can both always remember this, you will live the most beautiful story and greatest adventure ever. 

 I love you both. Cheers!


I absolutely loved my bridesmaid dress!

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